Would you wear it? The Mike Brady look book
Robert Reed could wear anything.
How well do you know Fred Sanford?
He's the man that never backs down. He's Fred G. Sanford.
Can you tell the difference between a Blondie song and a Love Boat story?
Can you find rapture — or will this quiz trick you one way or another?
Is this an episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show or a Dick Van Dyke movie?
Do you know the difference between "Fitzwilly" and "The Twizzle"?
Who is Archie Bunker yelling these lines at?
Archie did a LOT of yelling. Can you tell who these lines were directed at?
Who said it: Fred Sanford or James Evans?
These two vocal fathers were never scared to speak their minds.
How well do you know the legendary career of Carol Burnett?
Do you know you all of her amazing appearances in variety shows, sitcoms, dramas, movies and on Broadway?
How well do you know the career of Vicki Lawrence?
She hosted a talk show and even released a disco album!
Who said these catchphrases and famous lines on Full House?
Can you figure out who said these classic lines throughout the show?
Can you name these Sanford and Son recurring characters?
From friends to family members and police officers, who are these characters that visited the Sanford home?
Can you fill in the missing lyrics to All in the Family's theme song?
You might find yourself singing the song as you complete the quiz.
How well do you know the onscreen career of Cindy Williams?
From her bigger roles to obscure appearances, think you know the career of the late, great Cindy Williams?
Are these real Brady Bunch specials, or did we make them up?
Step right up, and don't think twice. It's another Brady Bunch quiz, but will you get the answers right?
Which Honeymooners character said these lines?
You might go straight to the moon after taking this quiz!
Did Norman Lear create these classic shows?
You can watch a few of Lear's classic shows right here on Catchy Comedy!
Is this Lucille Ball in I Love Lucy or The Lucy Show?
Is she Lucy Ricardo or Lucy Carmichael in these images?
Can you fill in the missing word to these Mama's Family episodes?
Mama never went missing, but these titles are missing a word!
Are these plots to episodes of The Honeymooners or Mama's Family?
If Ralph Kramden was a member of Mama's Family, there would've been a lot of bickering between him and Mama.
Do you agree with IMDb's Top 10 Episodes of All in the Family?
Should these episodes be ranked higher or lower?!
Do you remember the traits of J.J.'s love interests?
There were so many girls that had heart eyes for J.J.
Can you match these Honeymooners descriptions to the right episode?
Many of the 39 episodes of the series follow a similar storyline, so can you tell which episode these descriptions belong to?
Which came first: I Love Lucy or these household products?
Were these things introduced before or after the iconic sitcom’s 1951 premiere?
Who said it: Laverne or Shirley?
They went together like milk and Pepsi. Can you remember who said these classic lines from the show?
Were these shows produced by Norman Lear, or someone else?
He defined sitcoms for a generation — how well do you know your TV history?
How well do you remember the opening credits to Petticoat Junction?
Do you remember watching this little train roll down the tracks?
How well do you know celebrity guest stars on All in the Family?
You might remember these faces from appearances on All in the Family, but do you know their names and other roles?
Do you know the lyrics to the Full House theme song "Everywhere You Look?"
Will humming this classic theme song over the years help you on this quiz?
Can you unscramble the names of these classic TV moms?
Umm… can you find the name of the mum?
Can you recognize all these guest stars on I Love Lucy?
Movie stars, character actors and a future TV mogul all appeared on the show!
Can you name all these Sixties stars in Full House?
Can you recognize these singers, comedians and former child stars?
Can you tell the difference between Carol Burnett and Lucille Ball?
How well do you know these two comedy icons?
Can you guess what Mr. Haney is selling on Green Acres?
Fill in the blank on these hackneyed Haney hustles.
Fill in the missing character names from these Happy Days episode titles
Who married the Fonz? Who moved out? Who went to jail?
Which of these guest stars on The Love Boat was in more episodes?
It seemed like everyone made an appearance on the boat, but who set sail most often?
Who said it: Ricky Ricardo or Fred Mertz?
The two friends never spared anyone, especially their wives.
Can you name the TV star hosting Saturday Night Live in the 1970s?
See if you recognize these guest hosts from the first five seasons.
Was I Love Lucy the first TV show to do these things or not?
The iconic sitcom broke barriers in front of and behind the camera.
Can you fill in the right job titles for all the Love Boat crew members?
Do you know what jobs Julie, Isaac, Gopher and the rest had aboard the Pacific Princess?
Which Green Acres character best matches your personality?
Are you an Oliver, a Lisa or maybe an Eb?
Can you complete these running gags from Green Acres?
The show had many recurring jokes from the costumes to the credits.
Which Evans family member said these hilarious lines?
In the Evans family, cracking jokes is a part of their love language.
Who appeared more often on The Carol Burnett Show?
Many celebrities appeared multiple times, but who stopped by the most?
Can you tell if these fun facts about Mama's Family are real or not?
Next time there is a 'Mama's Family' trivia night, just take this quiz to prepare!
Can you fill in the missing lyrics to Good Times' theme song?
We know you'll have a good time completing this quiz!
What happened next in these classic I Love Lucy scenes?
See how well you remember 11 iconic sitcom scenarios.
Which Sanford and Son character said these lines?
Fred Sanford and his family and friends were VERY outspoken.
Can you guess which Good Times supporting character we're describing?
Only real Good Times fans can pass this quiz!
Can you finish the classic television insult?
We'll be insulted if you don't take this quiz.
Who said it: Granny from The Beverly Hillbillies or Mama from Mama's Family?
Can't you just hear both Granny and Mama saying, ''Night clubbing ain't enough, now she's turning you into a daytime playboy"?
Are these fun facts about Vicki Lawrence or Carol Burnett?
Which one is really into yacht racing, and which used to be a movie theater usher?
Did these things happen on The Brady Bunch to Marcia or Jan?
It's Marcia vs. Jan, the ultimate showdown!
Did Tim Conway appear in these Carol Burnett Show sketches?
We're laughing just thinking about these hilarious sketches.
Who said it: Archie Bunker or Ralph Kramden?
The house, the finances and the food. All things Archie and Ralph talk about in just about every episode of their respective shows. Can you tell them apart?
Can you remember the names of all these animals in Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.?
Gomer named a cat, a skunk and even a crow that he took a liking to.
Only the biggest fans of The Odd Couple can score 10/12 on this quiz
How well do you remember TV's most memorable roommates?
Is this a Brady Bunch episode or a song by The Mamas & The Papas?
Do some "California Dreamin'" with these beloved boy-girl groups.
Are these episodes of Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. or zany Sixties comedy films?
Do you know “Cat Overboard” from “The Monkey’s Uncle”?
Are these fun facts about Night Court true or false?
Night Court was an iconic TV series from the mid-'80s, that's a fact.
Are these fun facts about Sanford and Son true or false?
Let's pretend it's Sanford and Son trivia night! Pull up a chair, come up with a team name and try this true or false trivia quiz!
Who is your Full House best friend?
Want to find out who your Full House best friend is? Well, "You got it dude." Let's match you with your new BFF.
These Full House episodes are named after famous songs — can you match them all to the right artists?
"Jesse’s Girl," "Luck Be a Lady" and "Baby Love" are memorable episodes inspired by songs recorded by… who?
Can you remember if Jack Klugman was ever a guest on these series?
We know he was on The Odd Couple, but he was also on a couple of other odd TV shows.
Was Richard Moll ever a guest star on this television show?
This quiz is no Bull! We know he was on Night Court, but what else was Richard Moll in?
Can you remember the military rank of all these Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. characters?
Do you know who was a private, a corporal or a sergeant?
Are these real Happy Days episode titles or did we just make them up?
Will it be a thumbs up or a thumbs down from The Fonz?
Can you name all these singers aboard The Love Boat?
Some played hilarious characters while others appeared as themselves!
Are these real episode titles for Laverne & Shirley, or did we make them up?
Is "Two of Our Weirdos Are Missing" an actual episode title, or did we make that up?
Which Bugs Bunny mood are you?
There is no doubt that Bugs Bunny is a whole mood, but which mood best matches your personality?
How well do you know the guest stars of Night Court?
See how well you know the visitors in the Manhattan Criminal Court in this mammoth guest star quiz!
Are these fun facts about Happy Days true or false?
Can you be like Fonzie and keep your cool while testing your Happy Days knowledge?
Are these real episode titles for Mama's Family or did we make them up?
Is "Cat's Meow" a real episode or did we just make that up?
How well do you know the Full House family tree?
Do you know your Full House family tree? Let's test your knowledge of the many, many people under one roof!
Are these real episode titles for Sanford and Son, or did we just make them up?
Is "Wine, Women and Aunt Esther" a real episode title, or did we just make that up?
Are these fun facts about All in the Family true or false?
Learn all about the family with this All in the Family quiz!
How well do you know these Brady Bunch baseball episodes?
Can you knock this quiz out of the park?
How well do you remember the All In The Family theme song?
Finish the lyric: Those were the _____!
Do you know these Bugs Bunny firsts?
Do you actually know what is, in fact, up, doc?
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