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Who said it: Carol, Carroll, or Carol?

Inside each of us, there are three Car(r)ol(l)s. Like the id, ego, and super-ego, each Carol influences our personality and decisions, whether we know it or not.

There's the goofball Carol, who will do anything for a laugh. Then there's Carroll the thespian, a serious-minded craftsperson. Finally, there is Carol the protector, head of the family, and trusted advisor to us all. 

So, can you tell Burnett from O'Connor from Brady? We'll provide you with a quote, and you tell us who said it! These quotes could come from the actor or the character, so be sure to stay on your toes!

  1. "I had four children of my own, so I was the only one with hands-on experience on the show."
  2. "When you do it on film, without an audience, you can take your time, redo scenes if necessary. The strain of the pace working with film is the editor's problem, not mine."
  3. "I got a second wind and changed my mind — and I'm glad I did. Because I think we all would have really missed not doing the show."
  4. "I'm sure people expect me to come swinging in on a chandelier with my eyes crossed."
  5. "Well, I taught in New York for about three years in high schools there when I couldn't get a job as an actor."
  6. "One of the real highlights, for me, of my career, was going to London to do The Muppets."
  7. "I get scripts sent to me, but they are mostly extensions of what I do on my show. Why should I get up at 5 a.m. to do the same thing I do now, getting up much later?"
  8. "I started in live television and I've done a lot of live TV and that's really the thing that I love best. I love flying by the seat of my pants."
  9. "I don't have false teeth. Do you think I'd buy teeth like these?"
  10. “They got the greatest country in the world here. The highest standard of living. The grossest national product.”

Who said it: Carol, Carroll, or Carol?

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