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6:00a ET

Full House

Nicky And/Or Alexander

While Rebecca returns from the hospital after the birth of her twins, a new co-host replaces her on Wake Up San Francisco. Jesse can't tell his boys apart. 

6:30a ET

Full House

Bachelor Of The Month

When Danny is chosen "Bachelor of the Month" by a San Francisco magazine, women suddenly take an avid interest in him. But Danny is interested in his new co-host, Vicky Larson. 

7:00a ET

Full House

Easy Rider

Michelle wants Joey to teach her how to ride a bicycle--but blames him for not protecting her when she falls off. 

7:30a ET

Full House

Sisters In Crime

D.J. sneaks out to the movies with Stephanie and Michelle to meet a boy she likes--after promising Danny that she would stay at home with the girls. 

8:00a ET

The Brady Bunch

54-40 and Fight

It's boy versus girls when the Brady family tries to choose what to get with Alice's trading stamps. The deciding factor comes down to a house of cards contest. 

8:30a ET

The Brady Bunch

Mike's Horror-Scope

The kids fear the worst when a horoscope prediction seems to come true about Mike meeting a strange woman. 

9:00a ET

Family Affair


Mr. French find success in the marmalade business as the product's spokesman... until he tastes it. 

9:30a ET

The Donna Reed Show

April Fool

A singing idol (James Darren) secretly stays with the Stones when he suddenly becomes ill before a concert. 

10:00a ET

The Danny Thomas Show

Rusty and the Tomboy

A tomboy hopes that Rusty will take her to the school dance. 

10:30a ET

The Danny Thomas Show

Family Portrait

A famous artist moves in with the Williams family to decide if he should paint a portrait of them. 

11:00a ET

The Lucy Show

Lucy Gets Locked in the Vault (Part 1)

Lucy follows Mr. Mooney into the bank vault and then closes the door for privacy, causing them to be locked in until the next morning. 

11:30a ET

The Lucy Show

Lucy and the Safe Cracker (Part 2)

Lucy accidentally locks Mr. Mooney in the bank vault and finds a "can opener" turned candy store owner to open the vault. Once he opens the vault, he goes back to his old ways and steals several bags full of money and locks Viv and Lucy in his candy shop. 

12:00p ET

I Love Lucy

Ricky Asks for a Raise

When Ricky's denied a raise, Lucy comes up with a plan to get it. 

12:30p ET

I Love Lucy

Job Switching

The girls and boys switch places -- with Lucy and Ethel off to work and Ricky and Fred at home. 

1:00p ET

The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Mary the Writer

Mary is thrilled to take creative writing. That is until Lou gives her criticism. 

1:30p ET


Martin Comes Home

Martin returns from Florida and is ready to reconcile with Ida. But Ida believes she deserves a second courtship to see if they still have that spark. 

2:00p ET

Laverne & Shirley

Good Time Girls

The girls get plenty of offers for dates after Icky Hector puts their names and phone number on several men's room walls. 

2:30p ET

Happy Days

Stolen Melodies

Leather and the band audition for a television music show and are turned down. Leather's song, however, is stolen and recorded by another band. 

3:00p ET

Mama's Family

Mama Cries Uncle

The sudden appearance of Carl's nomadic brother, Roy, excites everyone but Mama. Although she seems upset that Roy is popular with the rest of the family, she admits her affection for him. 

3:30p ET

Mama's Family

Dear Aunt Fran

Aunt Fran is temporarily given the responsibility of writing an advice column in the local newspaper. Unfortunately she doesn't have any good advice and comes to rely on Mama to supply material for the column. 

4:00p ET

The Love Boat

Isaac's Aegean Affair / Captain and the Kid / Poor Rich Man / Dean and the Flunkee (Part 2)

The crew are in Greece working a cruise where a College is having its graduation ceremony. The Principal is attracted to a teacher who rebuffs him because he won't give a student a make-up test so he can graduate. And the student and a couple of his friends are hounding the Principal to do that. A prodigy is attracted to Julie which doesn't make the Captain happy. And the valedictorian whose education was provided by his Greek aunt whom he assumed is wealthy but upon meeting her learns she's just a woman of humble means. And when she goes on board he doesn't tell anyone he's her aunt. And Isaac meets a woman who is estranged from her husband. 

5:00p ET

The Odd Couple

This Is the Army Mrs. Madison

Felix tells Myrna the story of how Oscar and Blanche had to spend their honeymoon in the Army barracks ... because he got Oscar into trouble. 

5:30p ET

The Odd Couple

The Songwriter

When Oscar dates Jaye P. Morgan, Felix is certain he can write a tune for her next show. 

6:00p ET

Good Times

Florida's Big Gig

James is sure he's going to get a sales position at a department store but when he brings Florida along on the interview he is in for a big surprise, the supervisor would rather hire Florida rather then him. It seems the supervisor would "kill two birds with one stone" hiring a African American woman. 

6:30p ET

Good Times

Florida Goes To School

Florida comes home all excited that she is going to night school hoping to achieve a High School Equivalency diploma, but her working in the daytime and going to school at night puts a strain on her relationship with James, who is dead set against her entertaining the notion of school.  

7:00p ET

Sanford and Son

The Copper Caper

Fred and Lamont buy a load of copper from a man that has been stealing copper in the neighborhood. The man is late for a meeting with Lamont at the diner because he is ripping off the Sanford plumbing pipes, which he then sells to Fred and Lamont. 

On Now: 7:30p ET
Sanford and Son

A Matter of Life and Breath

Lamont comes down hard on Fred to try to get him to quit smoking and has him go to the doctor for a chest x-ray. Later, the results are sent in the mail and Fred becomes convinced he has tuberculosis. 

8:00p ET

All in the Family

Mike and Gloria Mix It Up

One evening, Edith and Archie go out for the evening to a party that Edith's Cousin Amelia is having, leaving Mike and Gloria with the house to themselves. When Gloria makes sexual advances on Mike, the two become embroiled in a huge argument, in which Mike insists that the man is supposed to make the first move. 

8:30p ET

All in the Family

Archie Feels Left Out

It's Archie's 50th birthday and Edith, Gloria and Mike are planning a surprise party for him. However, Archie finds out about the party and Edith insists that he act surprised when he walks through the door. Meanwhile, Archie isn't so happy about celebrating his birthday when Archie insists that he's 49, but Mike confirms that he indeed is 50 years old, according to his birth certificate. 

9:00p ET

Night Court

The Law Club

Dan (JOHN LARROQUETTE) risks membership into a prestigious law club to protect Christine's (MARKIE POST) virtue, while Harry (HARRY ANDERSON) and Bull (RICHARD MOLL) rehearse for a magic show where Bull "loses his head. 

9:30p ET

Night Court

Night Court Of The Living Dead

Christine (MARKIE POST) is replaced after being listed as dead by Personnel's computer, and a defendant is suddenly "alive" after twenty years in a coma. Also, a mad professor gives life to a talking black box that makes decisions based on logic not emotions. 

10:00p ET

The Dick Van Dyke Show

Laura's Little Lie (Part 1)

Laura is forced to confess to Rob that she lied about her age on their marriage certificate. 

10:30p ET

The Dick Van Dyke Show

Very Old Shoes, Very Old Rice (Part 2)

Rob and Laura must go out of town to make their marriage legal without their friends finding out. 

11:00p ET


Manager Coach

Coach becomes a grouch when he's put in charge of Little League team. 

11:30p ET


They Called Me Mayday

Dick Cavett visits Cheers and suggests Sam publish his own writings. 

12:00a ET


Latka the Playboy

After a rejection, Latka transforms himself into Vic Ferrari, the Playboy. 

12:30a ET

The Bob Newhart Show

Brutally Yours, Bob Hartley

Bob decides to take his own advice and be brutally honest with Emily's dinner guests. 

1:00a ET


Take Me to Your Loudon

Michael plans to incite panic when he schedules The War of the Worlds on Halloween night. 

1:30a ET

The Lost Honeymooners

Mad Dogs and Englishmen (Part 1)

The Kramdens and Nortons appear in a Flakey Wakey commercial on an English television show. 

2:00a ET

The Phil Silvers Show

The Twitch

Colonel Hall tells Bilko to provide an audience for a lecture on music. He finds that nobody wants to come until they learn that the lecture will be given by a friend of the Colonel's wife and they can bet on the number of 'twitches' that she will give during the lecture. 

2:30a ET

The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis

Where Is Thy Sting?

Dobie feigns illness in order to win the affections of pre-med student Emily. But his lies begin to weave a tangled web from which he can't quite extract himself. 

3:00a ET

The Best of the Ed Sullivan Show

Liza Minnelli, Gordon MacRae, and more

Today's episode features Liza Minnelli, Gordon MacRae, Carol Lawrence, the Mecners, the Veterans, Frankie Fanelli, and the Association. 

3:30a ET

The Best of the Ed Sullivan Show

Tom Jones, The Muppets, Patty Duke, and more

Today's episode features Tom Jones, the Muppets, Patty Duke and dancers, Richard Hearne, and Totie Fields. 

4:00a ET

Our Miss Brooks

Second Hand-First Aid

Miss Brooks purposefully fumbles her first aid class in order to get out of it. 

4:30a ET

Our Miss Brooks

The Egg

Mr. Conklin is determined to photograph the hatching of an egg, not realizing Walter switched it with a rock. 

5:00a ET

The Carol Burnett Show

Season 7, Episode 03

Guest Gloria Swanson arrives for the Q&A...but she only has eyes for Lyle. Sketches include a "Carol & Sis" where the Bradfords try to discourage an elevator operator... who only has eyes for Carol. Originally aired 9/29/1973. 

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