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In the follow-up to I Love Lucy, Lucille Ball plays widow Lucy Carmichael, a mother of two children who shares a home with divorced friend Vivian Bagley (Vivian Vance of I Love Lucy fame). Carmichael is always scheming—dragging Vivian along with her—and grappling with comic complications related to life on her own and serving as secretary to the grumpy and demanding Mr. Mooney.

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Oct 2nd 11:30a ET

Lucy and the Stuntman

To pay for a new leopard-skin jacket she wants, Lucy tells Mr. Mooney that her refrigerator is broken. When he calls her bluff, she actually has to wreck it. Conveniently, Lucy's friend Joan is dating a Hollywood stuntman who has a wonderful money-making scheme. In a cowboy costume and moustache, famous film stuntman "Iron Man Carmichael" shows up for work.

Oct 3rd 11:00a ET

Lucy and the Countess Have a Horse Guest

Lucy's old school buddy the Countess Framboise, also known as Rosie Hannigan, shows up flat broke. The only thing her late husband left her was Oil Well, a pregnant race horse. Lucy schemes a way to get Mr. Mooney to finance the horse's care until it has it's foal.

Oct 3rd 11:30a ET

Lucy Helps Danny Thomas

Mr. Mooney instructs Lucy to deliver some documents to Danny Thomas, and through a series of misunderstandings, she ends up performing in his musical act.

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