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In the follow-up to I Love Lucy, Lucille Ball plays widow Lucy Carmichael, a mother of two children who shares a home with divorced friend Vivian Bagley (Vivian Vance of I Love Lucy fame). Carmichael is always scheming—dragging Vivian along with her—and grappling with comic complications related to life on her own and serving as secretary to the grumpy and demanding Mr. Mooney.

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Jun 6th 11:30a ET

Lucy and the Countess

Mr. Mooney is impressed by Lucy's childhood friend Rosie Hannigan, now known as the Countess Framboise. Despite her title, she's now a widow who's flat broke. The two old pals attend a high society wine-tasting and proceed to get plastered.

Jun 7th 11:00a ET

My Fair Lucy

The Countess wants to open a charm school but needs financing. To impress the wealthy Dunbars, she will take a ratty scrubwoman (Lucy as Liza Lumpwhomper) and turn her into a sparkling debutante. Things turn sour at Liza's coming out party when Lucy's allergy to caviar kicks in.

Jun 7th 11:30a ET

Lucy and the Countess Lose Weight

Mr. Mooney's made a bad investment in a "fat farm". Lucy and the Countess volunteer to attend to generate some needed publicity. In no time, the brutal regime has the two plotting an escape.

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