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Taxi follows the aspirations and setbacks of the employees at Sunshine Cab Company. Most Sunshine Cab drivers view the gig as temporary, something they will leave behind as soon as they find success in their true callings. A character will often make inroads at getting out of the cab business, only to have their hopes dashed as they find themselves back at the garage, under the thumb of Louie De Palma (Danny DeVito), the unsympathetic head dispatcher.

Next Airings

Apr 13th 12:00a ET

Jim's Mario's

Jim attempts to purchase Mario's.

Apr 16th 12:00a ET

A Grand Gesture

Jim provides each of the gang with $1,000 for the purpose of letting them give it away.

Apr 17th 12:00a ET

Simka's Monthlies

Simka is threatened with deportation unless she can prove her marriage is not a scam.

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