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The variety show that made Carol Burnett and her comedy troupe household names, The Carol Burnett Show stars Burnett alongside comedians Harvey Korman, Vicki Lawrence, Lyle Waggoner and Tim Conway. The show is famous for its memorable sketch comedy, often consisting of movie parodies, such as "Went with the Wind," an upside-down take on Gone with the Wind, and original situational comedy, such as recurring sketches "The Family," which was spun off as television series Mama's Family, and "Kitchen Commercials."

Next Airings

Jun 15th 5:00a ET

Season 4, Episode 11

Tonight's guests are Dyan Cannon and Paul Lynde! Lynde plays a smarmy insurance salesman, and later appears in Canoga Falls in Cannon on "As The Stomach Turns." Originally aired 11/23/1970.

Jun 18th 5:00a ET

Season 4, Episode 21

Guest stars Ken Berry and Totie Fields drop by to take part in some of Carol's most popular recurring sketches: "Carol & Sis" and "As The Stomach Turns." Originally aired 2/15/1971.

Jun 19th 5:00a ET

Season 4, Episode 22

Carol salutes MGM with the help of guest stars Chita Rivera and Bob Newhart. Spoofs of classic movies abound, including "Ninotchka", "Blackboard Jungle", "Gone With The Wind", and more. Originally aired 2/22/1971.

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