The Bob Newhart Show

Weeknights at 12:30a ET | 9:30p PT

As Robert Hartley, Ph.D., Bob Newhart stars as a psychologist who could use a little professional help himself! In playing straight man to a host of eccentric characters, Newhart's Dr. Hartley manages his neurotic patients while coping with the day-to-day drama of dealing with colleagues, family and friends.

Next Airings

Jun 22nd 12:30a ET

T.S. Elliot

Carol goes on a date with one of Bob's patients.

Jun 25th 12:30a ET

I'm Dreaming of a Slight Christmas

Christmas Eve is almost spoiled when Bob is trapped in the office because of a power failure.

Jun 26th 12:30a ET

Oh, Brother

Jerry's brother comes to town and hijacks his life and his practice.

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