The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Weekdays at 1p ET | 10a PT

Winner of 29 Emmys, The Mary Tyler Moore Show follows independent career woman Mary Richards (Mary Tyler Moore), an associate producer for an evening news program in Minneapolis. The job being a fresh start for her after a broken engagement, Mary makes new friends, encounters eccentric colleagues and deals with challenging yet sweet adversaries.

Next Airings

Sep 21st 1:00p ET

The Co-Producers

Mary and Rhoda are excited to develop a new show until they learn Ted and Sue Ann will be the hosts.

Sep 22nd 1:00p ET

Best Of Enemies

When Rhoda spills a secret, Mary's job and friendship are put on the line.

Sep 25th 1:00p ET

Better Late... That's A Pun... Than Never

Bored, Mary jokingly writes a news item... only to have it read live the next day!

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