The Odd Couple

Weekdays at 5p ET | 2p PT

Divorced men looking to save on rent, prim Felix (Tony Randall) and gruff, sloppy Oscar (Jack Klugman) share a New York apartment—and find their lifestyles constantly clashing. Often celebrity guest stars would appear on the series to illustrate the differences between Oscar and Felix, including publisher Hugh Hefner and Betty White.

Next Airings

May 24th 5:30p ET

The Fight of Felix

A tough hockey player challenges Felix to a boxing match.

May 27th 5:00p ET

Felix Gets Sick

A bedridden Felix disrupts Oscar's plans for a fun weekend alone, including a date with a stewardess and a Sunday poker game.

May 27th 5:30p ET

The Jury Story

Felix and Oscar tell the Pigeon sisters how they met during jury duty in a variation of Twelve Angry Men.

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