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Following the success of The Bob Newhart Show, Newhart was the iconic follow-up that saw Dick Loudon (Newhart) and his wife Joanna (Mary Frann) leave New York for rural Vermont to run an inn. Everyman Dick finds himself dealing with the oddball locals and eccentric guests who pass through. As the series goes on, the world around Dick gets increasingly surreal - leading to one of the most memorable series finales of all time.

Next Airings

Jun 6th 1:00a ET

Attention WPIV Shoppers

Dick is coaxed into hosting a home shopping show with Stephanie.

Jun 7th 1:00a ET

The Big Uneasy

Michael is tempted by a television executive during a conference in New Orleans.

Jun 8th 1:00a ET

Draw Partner

Dick gets a chance to work with his favorite illustrator, and Joanna and George wait for the Inn's 5,000th guest to arrive.

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