The Lost Honeymooners

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The Honeymooners features Jackie Gleason as Brooklyn bus driver Ralph Kramden, his wife, Alice (Audrey Meadows), and their neighbors, Ed and Trixie Norton (Art Carney and Joyce Randolph). Frustrated by his working-class status, Ralph often develops get-rich-quick schemes that are, of course, bound to go awry. Though very short tempered and frequently resorting to insults and hollow threats, Ralph is a soft-hearted man who loves his wife and is devoted to his best pal, Ed. These sketches, most of which aired on The Jackie Gleason Show, were considered "lost" for years.

Next Airings

Jun 6th 1:30a ET

Lost Baby, The / The Turkey

In "The Lost Baby", Ralph and Ed find a baby at the bus stop. In "The Turkey", Alice misplaces her wedding ring.

Jun 7th 1:30a ET

Quiz Show / Manager of the Baseball Team

In "Quiz Show", Ralph and Alice come home with a year's supply of Krinkly Krax cereal. In "Manager of the Baseball Team", Ralph mistakenly confuses a promotion with an appointment to be baseball manager.

Jun 8th 1:30a ET

Halloween Party / The Sprained Thumb

In "Halloween party", Ralph ruins his tuxedo for a Halloween party, not realizing that it's not a costume party. In "The Sprained Thumb", Ralph's sprained thumb drives Audrey crazy.

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