Night Court

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Night Court takes place in the night shift of a Manhattan Criminal Court presided over by a young, unorthodox judge (Harry Anderson). Over its nine seasons, Night Court was nominated for two Golden Globes and a whopping 31 Emmys, winning seven.

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Mar 1st 9:30p ET

Educating Rhoda

Dan (JOHN LARROQUETTE) is taken hostage in a sleazy hotel by a psychotic female prisoner (NANA VISITOR) who escapes the custody of a pretty but bumbling bailiff trainee (DENNY DILLON) who is attracted to Bull (RICHARD MOLL).

Mar 4th 9:00p ET

The Last Temptation Of Mac

When Christine (MARKIE POST) cooks a lavish Thanksgiving meal for the entire courtroom, everyone gets a case of food poisoning. Meanwhile, Mac (CHARLES ROBINSON) deals with an overzealous classmate who has more on her mind than studying.

Mar 4th 9:30p ET

The Law Club

Dan (JOHN LARROQUETTE) risks membership into a prestigious law club to protect Christine's (MARKIE POST) virtue, while Harry (HARRY ANDERSON) and Bull (RICHARD MOLL) rehearse for a magic show where Bull "loses his head.

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