Night Court

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Night Court takes place in the night shift of a Manhattan Criminal Court presided over by a young, unorthodox judge (Harry Anderson). Over its nine seasons, Night Court was nominated for two Golden Globes and a whopping 31 Emmys, winning seven.

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May 28th 9:30p ET

The Hostage

Assistant District Attorney Dan Fielding (JOHN LARROQUETTE) is taken hostage in the courtroom when a wacky defendant (KENNETH TIGAR), claiming he is from the planet Saturn, seizes a gun from the evidence table.

May 29th 9:00p ET

Dad's First Date

Explanations are in order before Judge Harry Stone (HARRY ANDERSON) when Christine Sullivan's father (EUGENE ROCHE) goes on his first date in years and winds up the morning after charged with soliciting a prostitute.

May 29th 9:30p ET

Mac And Quon Le: No Reservations

Failure of court clerk Mac (CHARLES ROBINSON) to tell his grandfather of his marriage to Quon Le (DENICE KUMAGAI) creates a family crisis, resolved only when Judge Harry Stone (HARRY ANDERSON) arranges for the grandfather to be left alone with Quon Le to discover her warmth and charm.

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Night Court was an iconic TV series from the mid-'80s, that's a fact.
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