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Are these fun facts about Night Court true or false?

Whenever a popular TV series has more than one season, it usually means there is a lot of fun history to dive into. 

Night Court is a good example. Night Court aired on NBC for nine seasons (1984-1992). It starred Harry Anderson, John Larroquette, Richard Moll, Charles Robinson and Markie Post. 

Today we want to take a look back at some fun facts from the show, but here's the twist: not all of these fun facts are true. Can you guess which fun facts from Night Court are true and which are false? Good luck!
  1. Night Court featured a brief animated appearance from Wile E. Coyote (Looney Tunes) during a season seven episode.
  2. The prominent laugh heard on both the laugh track and during the Starry Night vanity logo came from the father of the creator.
  3. Once Harry Anderson got his role on Night Court, he stopped appearing on other shows.
  4. The character Bull Shannon had his own puppet that was introduced on the show, it later would be sold at stores and in retail catalogs.
  5. The cast was offered more money to return for a 10th season, but the show would be aired on a syndicated basis as opposed to NBC.
  6. Markie Post was not pregnant in real life, she wore a baby bump on the show.
  7. Bull Shannon's full name in Night Court was Aristotle Nostradamus Shannon.
  8. Both the music and the exterior shots in the opening credits changed a few times during Night Court's nine season run.
  9. There was a picture of Jean Harlow that hung from the wall in Harry Anderson's office.
  10. Night Court had no major cast changes during its' nine-season run.
  11. Even though Night Court was successful, it was never a part of NBC's "Must See Thursday."
  12. New York's real night court has become a worldwide tourist attraction thanks to this series.

Are these fun facts about Night Court true or false?

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