The Donna Reed Show

Weekdays at 9:30a ET | 6:30a PT

Oscar- and Golden Globe-winning actress Donna Reed stars as happy homemaker Donna Stone on this classic feel-good sitcom. The Donna Reed Show portrays a loving family—Donna Stone, husband Alex (Carl Betz) and children Mary and Jeff (Shelly Fabares and Paul Petersen)—that resolves its quarrels with laughter and love. The series includes many cameo appearances by celebrities of the day such as baseball superstars Don Drysdale and Willie Mays, teen heartthrob James Darren and canine actress Lassie.   

Next Airings

Oct 2nd 9:30a ET

Tomorrow Comes Too Soon

Time away from Mary and Jeff makes Donna and Alex realize how much they will miss the kids when they eventually leave home.

Oct 3rd 9:30a ET

Advice to Young Lovers

While helping Mary win back her boyfriend, Donna recalls how she got Alex to propose to her.

Oct 4th 9:30a ET

Operation Deadbeat

Jeff takes two part-time jobs in order to repay his debts. Meanwhile, Donna tries to collect money that Alex's patients owe him.