Family Affair

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After the death of his brother, wealthy bachelor Bill Davis (Brian Keith) takes in his orphaned nieces and nephew, Cissy (Kathy Garver) and twins Buffy (Anissa Jones) and Jody (Johnny Whitaker). In his luxury New York City apartment, Davis, butler Giles French (Sebastian Cabot) and the children experience growing pains but ultimately become a unique and caring family.

Next Airings

Jun 6th 9:00a ET

Travels With Cissy

When Cissy decides to get married, Uncle Bill takes the rest of the family to Hollywood to stop her.

Jun 7th 9:00a ET

Stamp of Approval

Uncle Bill wonders why Jody is suddenly interested in dating.

Jun 8th 9:00a ET

And Baby Makes Eight

Uncle Bill allows Cissy's pregnant friend to stay with them while her husband is enlisted in the Vietnam War. Little do they know, they baby is on its way!