Sanford and Son

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Sanford and Son was another Norman Lear hit, finishing in the top ten of Neilsen ratings for five of its six seasons. Cantankerous widower Fred G. Sanford (Redd Foxx) and his long-suffering peacemaker son Lamont (Demond Wilson) have misadventures as partners in the family junk-dealing business.

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Jun 5th 7:30p ET

Greatest Show in Watts

A tenant at The Sanford Arms doesn't have enough money for the rent so he leaves Fred his pet elephant as collateral. Fred quickly finds a city official on his back for keeping an elephant in the neighborhood and he quickly comes up with an idea to make some money: put on a mini-circus. Bubba plays a clown, Esther a fire-eater, and Lamont a weight lifter.

Jun 6th 7:00p ET

Fred Sanford Has a Baby

Lamont leaves town with Rollo to go on a fishing trip but before he goes, he makes a bet with Fred. He is sure Fred won't make money during the week he is gone. Fred sets to prove him wrong by renting out Lamont's room. Fred finds himself in a bind when the pregnant girl he boarded goes into labor.

Jun 6th 7:30p ET

The TV Addict

Fred has been watching way too much television and Lamont suggests that he go out and get some exercise. Fred scoffs and refuses which leads to an argument which results in the television breaking. Lamont refuses to get it fixed until Fred agrees to start exercising. Lamont later brings in a doctor to hypnotize Fred to help him get over his television addiction.

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