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Are these fun facts about Sanford and Son true or false?

Here's the truth: Sanford and Son had us tuning in every Friday night on NBC for six seasons. Sanford and Son aired in 1972, and with the help of Redd Foxx, Demond Wilson, LaWanda Page and the rest of the crew, it quickly became a success.

With every hit series comes a whole bunch of trivia, special moments and a variety of fun facts for us to enjoy. We want to know if you can tell which of these Sanford and Son fun facts are true, and which ones are a lie.

Think back to when you first saw Sanford and Son on TV and use that knowledge to beat this quiz! Good luck. 
  1. LaWanda Page was Redd Foxx's first and only choice to play Esther, Fred's sister-in-law.
  2. Sanford and Son held a variety of different time slots during its six seasons.
  3. There is no actual title for the Sanford and Son theme song.
  4. Redd Foxx loved the vocal group The Ink Spots so much that he paid for them to be on Sanford and Son.
  5. Sanford and Son has gone down in history as the show that killed The Brady Bunch.
  6. Besides Esther, Fred (Redd Foxx) had two other sisters-in-law in Sanford and Son.
  7. Despite playing a character in his 60s, Redd Foxx was only in his late-40s when he joined the cast.
  8. Redd Foxx is one of only a few performers to have had the lead role in three different TV series on three major networks.
  9. Sanford and Son was a remake of a British series called Steptoe and Son.
  10. There were no spin-offs of Sanford and Son.
  11. Julio's (Gregory Sierra) departure from the show was never fully explained.
  12. The character of Fred Sanford was ranked #42 in TV Guide's list of best TV dads.

Are these fun facts about Sanford and Son true or false?

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