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A spinoff of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Rhoda follows Rhoda Morgenstern (Valerie Harper), the spunky neighbor and best friend of Mary Richards, after she leaves Minneapolis to return to her hometown of New York City. On what should have been a two-week vacation to New York, Rhoda meets handsome divorcé Joe Gerard (David Groh) and sparks begin to fly, prompting Rhoda to stay in New York to pursue the relationship, first living with younger sister Brenda (Julie Kavner) and then parents Ida and Martin (Nancy Walker and Harold Gould).

Next Airings

Jun 21st 1:30p ET

All Work and No Play

Rhoda finds out she is spending all her time at the costume shop and hasn't had time for her family and friends.

Jun 24th 1:30p ET

Happy Anniversary

Ida is hinting around to see if a party is scheduled for her anniversary, but everyone tells her that she is mistaken.

Jun 25th 1:30p ET

The Jack Story

Rhoda's boss is set to meet with his oldest friend, and asks her for a favor.

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