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Who's that Brady?

We've all heard that story of a lovely lady and a man named Brady, but how well do you know your Brady's? We've included some tidbits about famous people as well as Brady bunch characters, that all share the last name, Brady. It's up to you to remember who they are!

  1. She's the eldest Brady daughter.
  2. This former quarterback was part of seven winning Super Bowl teams.
  3. This photographer was best known for his battlefield photographs of the Civil War.
  4. This Brady works as an architect.
  5. This little Brady has a hard time keeping a secret.
  6. This Brady had a guest appearance on All In The Family, but is best known for his Western series, Shotgun Slade.
  7. This Brady is a tennis star and won one WTA Tour singles title.
  8. This Brady sibling is often considered the grooviest guy in school.
  9. This Brady is an actor and singer who makes frequent appearances on Whose Line Is It Anyway?
  10. This Brady is played by Christopher Knight.

Who's that Brady?

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