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Who said it: Archie Bunker or Ralph Kramden?

Perhaps two of the biggest personalities across classic television: Archie Bunker of All in the Family and Ralph Kramden of The Honeymooners

These two iconic characters, played by Carroll O'Connor and Jackie Gleason respectively, didn't hold back when it came to speaking about what was on their mind. They did so rather loudly in most cases as well! 

Sure, there are plenty of differences between Bunker and Kramden, but what they say tends to run together just a little bit. 

Can you tell who said these lines?

  1. Who said it: "Now get those sandwiches wrapped and ready to go, ehh?"
  2. Who said it: "Well as the bride said to the groom when they took the burnt steak out of the oven, 'it's as good as done.'"
  3. Who said it: "You got to do it! Don't you know that people make a fortune off them commercials?"
  4. Who said it: "I'm telling you if he wasn't my best friend I'd have nothing to do with him."
  5. Who said it: "See the reason you don't know about it is because I'm modest."
  6. Who said it: "I am not the one who sits in front of the television set for a whole hour, staring at the same orchestra!"
  7. Who said it: "You put that turkey back or they'll be doing your life on Medic!"
  8. Who said it: "I'll say something nice about a goldfish!"
  9. Who said it: "Now would you tell me why I'd put my weight down on an income tax report?"
  10. Who said it: "A thousand dollars at least! With that big super TV screen... to watch the game on there, that chain is going to be packed out!"

Who said it: Archie Bunker or Ralph Kramden?

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