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Who said it: Ricky Ricardo or Fred Mertz?

Ricky and Fred had their fair share of commentary, especially when bickering with their wives on I Love Lucy. The neighbors and friends said whatever was on their minds. Even if someone had a rebuttal, their follow-up responses were always hilarious. 

You can expect a wild response when their wives don't listen to them, which happens almost every episode. Who said these lines: Ricky Ricardo or Fred Mertz? 

  1. Who said it: "Hypocrite?! What's a hypocrite?"
  2. Who said it: "Is that your idea of a cute, young chick? You'll never shop for my poultry!"
  3. Who said it: "Honeybunch, if the rest of you looked like that I wouldn't care if you were bald."
  4. Who said it: "I don't know whether to thank you or punch you in the nose."
  5. Who said it: "No, but I know that there's a red-headed cuckoo in the living room."
  6. Who said it: "I'll say... that outfit you're wearing is rented."
  7. Who said it: "Who do you think you're married to, a country pumpkin?"
  8. Who said it: "Now wait a minute, my grandmother churned her own butter!"
  9. Who said it: "And I'm sorry you're so fat, you sat on my glasses and broke 'em."
  10. Who said it: "Could it possibly be you're suffering from Magnesia?"

Who said it: Ricky Ricardo or Fred Mertz?

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