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Mama's Family: Are these real plot descriptions, or nah?

Sometimes, classic TV can be such a comfort that the episodes start to blend together. The stories soothe us because they're so familiar, and we know what to expect before it even happens.

Mama's Family is one such classic show, and it's delivered joy to millions. Were you one of them? Do you know your Mama's Family stuff? We're going to put you to the test by making up a few plot descriptions. The tough part is that we'll blend them in with real ones. Your job is to figure out which is which!

Are they fictional or factual? You tell us!

  1. Mama, Fran, and Naomi persuade Vint to enter a talent contest.
  2. Mama and Bubba both begin new jobs as night janitors.
  3. The Harpers decide to rent out lawn space at their house to make some money during a bike race
  4. After Uncle Oscar passes away, Mama is willed his gabby pet parrot.
  5. Mama suspects that Vint is having an affair with his new trainee Heather, so she and Iola go to his workplace to investigate.
  6. When Mama slips on a banana peel, the family suggests that she sue the grocery store.
  7. Vint and Naomi buy solar panels and plan to live sustainably.
  8. The family plays tricks on Mama every April Fool's Day, but this year, Mama plans to play one on them.
  9. Vint has a chance to join a local group called the Jazz Gents, but he needs Mama to sit in for a missing bassoon player.
  10. For a school project, Bubba makes a diorama of Mama's house.

Mama's Family: Are these real plot descriptions, or nah?

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