Are these famous guest stars on The Carol Burnett Show or Saturday Night Live?

Saturday Night Live images: NBC / Hulu

Ask someone their favorite sketch comedy show and there’s a good chance they’ll say either Saturday Night Live or The Carol Burnett Show. Both are iconic examples of American humor on television.

From 1975 to 1978 both The Carol Burnett Show and Saturday Night Live were on TV. Those three magical years were a blessing sent from the comedy gods. While these two variety shows differed in many respects, they had some obvious similarities. Both invited famous guest stars of the era to dress up in wacky costumes and perform in ways they might not be able to anywhere else.

Take the quiz below to see if you can tell which show these guest performers were on — in this particular image.

  1. What show is Rodney Dangerfield on here?
  2. What show is Madeline Kahn on here?
  3. On which show is Vincent Price playing with puppets here?
  4. Which show had Bob Newhart play The Dating Game?
  5. What show is Jim Nabors singing on here?
  6. Which show had Lily Tomlin as a construction worker?
  7. Which show had Desi Arnaz spoof 'The Untouchables'?
  8. Which show had George Carlin visit the dentist?
  9. Which show had Burt Reynolds in ancient Roman garb?
  10. Which show had Dame Maggie Smith?
  11. Which show is Milton Berle on here?
  12. Which show had Sammy Davis Jr. as a cowboy?
  13. Young Jodie Foster here is on which show?
  14. Steve Martin appeared in a beach movie spoof on this show.
  15. Richard Pryor spoofed The Exorcist on…?
  16. Shirley MacLaine is seen here on…?
  17. Ted Knight appeared on a Christmas episode of…?
  18. Dick Van Dyke is seen here on…?
Are these famous guest stars on The Carol Burnett Show or Saturday Night Live?

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