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Who is Archie Bunker yelling these lines at?

"Oh, Archie. That's terrible." Often the words of Edith Bunker after a rant, insult or loud conversation with Archie Bunker. 

The Bunker patriarch said what was on his mind, but often times he didn't just say it. He often yelled it and directed it at members of the Bunker household. 

Who is Archie yelling these lines at?

  1. "Will you get me the yellow pages!"
  2. "Why is it always upstairs when I'm downstairs and downstairs when I'm upstairs?"
  3. "Don't be getting him out of work, he gets out of work enough himself!"
  4. "No pants off in the living room!"
  5. "Don't you go mangling into personal dramas!"
  6. "Do you know what happens to all them union pension funds? They all go to the mafia!"
  7. "A tracer I told you, a tracer! I ain't going to stay here and have you hurt my feelings!"
  8. "Let me ask you a question! Why don't ya shut up?"
  9. "Awh come on turns out to be... Anything can turn out to be!"
  10. "Get your coat on! Get your coat on! Get your coat on! GET YOUR COAT ON!"

Who is Archie Bunker yelling these lines at?

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