Can you I.D. all these celebrity guest stars on The Monkees?

On The Monkees, it's been rumored the cast could bring on any guest they liked.

What resulted was a wacky run of celebrity guest stars, from famous rockers to major movie stars.

Think you can name every famous face you saw messin' around on The Monkees? Good luck!
  1. We saw this actor on The Monkees way before he joined the cast of which hit show?
  2. This TV star actually brought his character from one 1960s series onto the Monkees. Which TV show is this character from?
  3. Which early sitcom's cast do you recognize this actor from?
  4. Here's a child star who showed up on The Monkees. Which show is he from?
  5. It was a shock to see this famous musician take an ax to his instruments on The Monkees:
  6. You probably recognize this Monkees guest star as his famous recurring character on which sitcom?
  7. On The Monkees, all four boys fell for this famous actress who played a major role in which series?
  8. This actor showed up three different times on The Monkees, but you likely recognize him as the boss on which workplace sitcom?
  9. You may not know her face, but this actor voiced which famous cartoon character?
  10. Here's some classic Monkees comedy. This musician appeared on The Monkees dressed as Mike Nesmith and did a scene with Nesmith dressed as him:
Can you I.D. all these celebrity guest stars on The Monkees?

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