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Are these real Happy Days episode titles or did we just make them up?

Happy Days fans have watched just about every episode there is of the iconic series. Not only was Happy Days packed full of timeless nostalgia, but the series also provided us with new trends, catchphrases, slang, and of course, The Fonz.

It became one of the most influential series of its time, and the positive ratings reflected the fans' attitude towards the show. With around 30 million people watching Happy Days each week, it seems as though many would have no trouble remembering the name of every episode. Especially if you have watched them over and over again (like many of us are guilty of doing). 

So, are you ready to test your knowledge of these Happy Days episode titles? Are they real or did we just make them up? You decide! Good luck.
  1. Episode title: "Not with My Sister, You Don't"
  2. Episode title: "Richie's Big Day"
  3. Episode title: "The Fonz Gets on the Highway"
  4. Episode title: "A Star Is Bored"
  5. Episode title: "Fonzie the Star"
  6. Episode title: "The Lemon"
  7. Episode title: "A Date with Fonzie"
  8. Episode title: "Running for the Hills"
  9. Episode title: "A Sight for Sore Eyes"
  10. Episode title: "Fonzie's Hero"
  11. Episode title: "Late-Night Richie"
  12. Episode title: "Fonzie Goes Country"

Are these real Happy Days episode titles or did we just make them up?

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