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Who said it: Laverne or Shirley?

Laverne & Shirley was much more than just a Happy Days spinoff. It had its own successful eight-season run and created many memorable TV moments. 

Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams were perfectly cast as the bickering roommates and best friends who always had each other to rely on even if there were things they couldn’t stand about each other. 

How well do you know some of the iconic scenes from the fan-favorite sitcom? Try to guess who said these hilarious and heartfelt lines!
  1. “I treat my body like a temple … You choose to treat yours like an amusement park.”
  2. “I can’t help it if I’m afraid to drive. I just don’t want everyone to know, okay?”
  3. “Milk and Pepsi? Only fools would drink a concoction like that!”
  4. “She went to Chicago and became a nun. I stayed in Milwaukee and became a bimbo.”
  5. “I know that voice, and I hate the person it’s attached to!”
  6. “My scalp is all itchy. I feel like I have athlete’s head!”
  7. “A nice loan shark? Think about it, are they called loan bunnies? Loan guppies? No, loan sharks. They bite your face off!”
  8. “For a guy who keeps falling off the roof, you got some pretty good smarts.”
  9. “Boy, you just stepped straight off the bus right into Filth Town, didn’t you?”
  10. “At least I learned a lesson from this week. At least I know that I am not at the mercy of that brewery, and I know that I can stand on these two feet when the going gets rough and I can make it.”

Who said it: Laverne or Shirley?

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