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Who said it: Fred Sanford or James Evans?

What happens when two vocal fathers meet each other? You can expect to hear some outrageous things. Unfortunately, we'll never get the Fred Sanford and James Evans crossover that we all deserve, but we can always watch Sanford and Son and Good Times to see them separately. Both characters spoke their minds, using their words to threaten people (in a protective, fatherly way) and make others laugh, whether it was visitors or their family and friends.

We want to see if you can tell which father said these lines of dialogue.

Good luck!
  1. Who said it:" [to someone at the door] I can't open the door; you too ugly!"
  2. Who said it: "Your membership in this family is getting shakier by the minute."
  3. Who said it: "For a dummy, you make a lot of sense."
  4. Who said it: "I wish one of you would come over here and try to cut my phone off. I'd put my foot in your - Hello?"
  5. Who said it: "If I do have hypertension, y'all gave it to me wit' all that nickin' and naggin' goin' on."
  6. Who said it: "Why shouldn't I call you deer? You look like Bambi's father!"
  7. Who said it: "We otta biscuits balloon belly."
  8. Who said it: " You know what I'm gonna leave the world when I go? A tombstone that reads "Here [he lies]. Back in the hole again".
  9. Who said it: "I'm 65. People say I look 55. I feel 45. I'd settle for 35 and you make me feel 25."
  10. Who said it: "D*mn, I'd hate to think what he looked like before he was using it.

Who said it: Fred Sanford or James Evans?

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