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Full House

6:00a ET

Sisterly Love

Jesse suggests that D.J. audition for a commercial after she does well in a school performance. D.J. does well in her audition, but when she leaves the room, the part is given to Stephanie. 

Full House

6:30a ET

Half A Love Story

Jesse uses baby Michelle to get a date with one of Danny's co-workers, but when a girlfriend of Jesse's tells the story of how she met Jesse with Michelle, Jesse's date is postponed indefinitely. 

Full House

7:00a ET

A Pox In Our House

Danny us excited about the chance to play basketball with the Harlem Globetrotters, but when his family contracts chicken pox, finding a baby-sitter for Michelle seems impossible. 

Full House

7:30a ET

But Seriously, Folks

Joey's comic debut in front of a talent scout is jinxed when a member of the audience, Phyllis Diller, takes over his spot in the lineup. 

The Brady Bunch

8:00a ET

Kitty-Karry-All Is Missing

When Cindy accuses Bobby of losing her doll, Kitty Karry-All, the gang conducts a mock trial with Alice as the judge. 

The Brady Bunch

8:30a ET

A-Camping We Will Go

A family camping trip goes awry when the boys complain about the girls and the girls complain about sleeping in the wilderness. 

Family Affair

9:00a ET

Nanny for all Seasons

When his fellow valets look down on his duties as a nanny, Mr. French contemplates marriage as a way to prove his status. 

The Donna Reed Show

9:30a ET

A Rose Is a Rose

Jeff must rewrite his poorly written English assignment or Donna and Alex won't let him play in the father-son baseball game. 

The Carol Burnett Show

10:00a ET

Season 4, Episode 11

Tonight's guests are Dyan Cannon and Paul Lynde! Lynde plays a smarmy insurance salesman, and later appears in Canoga Falls in Cannon on "As The Stomach Turns." Originally aired 11/23/1970. 

The Lucy Show

11:00a ET

Lucy the Starmaker

Mr. Cheever's wisecracking nephew, Tommy (Frankie Avalon), comes to work at the bank, to discourage him from the position he really wants – a job in show business. Despite the fact that he's to get no special treatment, Mooney repeatedly sucks up to him. Lucy soon befriends the young Cheever, who impresses her with a song and dance. So Lucy sets out to break Tommy into show biz 

The Lucy Show

11:30a ET

Lucy Gets Her Diploma

Lucy is in trouble when a new bank policy requires all of its employees be high school graduates, and she reveals she was unable to complete her final year. So now it's back to school for Lucy, who ends up helping another man earn his diploma as well. 

I Love Lucy

12:00p ET

Changing the Boys' Wardrobe

Lucy and Ethel secretly get rid of their husbands' old clothes. 

I Love Lucy

12:30p ET

Lucy Has Her Eyes Examined

Just before her performance, Lucy has her eyes dilated. 

The Mary Tyler Moore Show

1:00p ET

Chuckles Bites the Dust

Everyone in the office is laughing about the amusing demise of Chuckles the Clown – everyone except Mary. 


1:30p ET

Parents' Day

Rhoda is scared to meet up with Joe's parents, but is even more afraid of having him meet her family. 

Laverne & Shirley

2:00p ET

Once Upon a Rumor

Shirley's stuck zipper on her skirt leaves for a sticky situation when Lenny witnesses Squiggy with Shirley, half-dressed, leading to rumors around the Shotz Brewery that Shirley is a "fun date. 

Laverne & Shirley

2:30p ET

One Flew Over Milwaukee

Shirley drives everyone she knows crazy when she loses her pet canary, Dwayne, out the window of the apartment. It seems her beloved birdie will never come back She is really bummed, and Laverne tries to get her mind on other things, but it isn't much help. Then, at the 11th hour, the bird flies back through the apartment window, much to an overjoyed Shirley. The gang is thrilled for her, and Carmine breaks into a halleluiah chorus to celebrate. 

Mama's Family

3:00p ET

Mama Gets a Job

Despondent and feeling old and useless, Mama takes Naomi's advice and applies for a job. She goes to work at a travel agency, but things deteriorate when the family calls her incessantly on the phone. 

Mama's Family

3:30p ET

Double Standard

Going to the homecoming dance, Buzz and Sonia clash with their father when he sets a curfew. Sonia becomes upset when she discovers Vint has secretly given Buzz permission to stay out later since he's a boy. 

The Love Boat

4:00p ET

Message for Maureen / Gotcha / Acapulco Connection

A tennis star, temporarily confined to a wheelchair due to a back injury, rekindles an old romance with a sportswriter who had been critical of her recent performances. 

The Odd Couple

5:00p ET

The Odd Holiday

The story of how Felix, Oscar and their wives went on a tropical vacation years before where Felix hoped to salvage Oscar's failing marriage. 

The Odd Couple

5:30p ET

The New Car

The pair win a car in a radio contest, but the real hassle is finding someplace to park. 

Good Times

6:00p ET

Junior Gets a Patron

J.J. is sure he's bound to make it big when he gets a patron in Leroy Jackson, who begins providing him with all the supplies he needs. However, when James discovers who the patron is, he forbids J.J. to be associated with him and J.J. responds by moving out. This leads to a confrontation at J.J.'s new apartment between James and Leroy. 

Good Times

6:30p ET

Junior the Senior

Florida and James are worried that J.J. won't pass into the 12th grade but when he gets his report card he did indeed pass but the grades seem to be a far cry from what they should be. This leads James and Florida to do a little investigating on their part. 

Sanford and Son

7:00p ET

A Pad for Lamont

Lamont tries to have a quiet evening with his latest girlfriend, Darlene, but has little privacy thanks to an annoying Fred who keeps interrupting them. Fed up, Lamont decides to move into his own apartment, which at first worries Fred but then discovers he himself has privacy. 

Sanford and Son

7:30p ET

Great Sanford Siege

Fred does not feel like paying his bills and he throws them in the trash claiming that they never arrived, dragging out the services for as long as he can. After doing so, Fred receives threats that say that they will turn off the gas, electricity, and other utilities, and repo his furniture if he does not pay. 

All in the Family

8:00p ET

Mike's Hippie Friends Come to Visit

Just before leaving on a flight to Europe, Mike's hippie friends need a place to stay for the night. Mike invites them to stay in the Bunker's living room, however, Archie objects citing that no unmarried couple will spend the night together under his roof. But a night of arguing begins to take its toll on everyone, as the fighting begins to stretch into the early morning hours. 

All in the Family

8:30p ET

Lionel Moves Into the Neighborhood

When Jim Bowman sells his house, Archie discovers that a new family is moving to the neighborhood. Fearing that Jim sold to a Jewish family, he goes over to investigate, only to discover that the new family is black. Archie quickly hopes to round the neighborhood up and try to force the family out of the area. However, Archie is in for a shock when he discovers it is Lionel's family that has come to the neighborhood. 

Night Court

9:00p ET

Once In Love With Harry

While attorney Dan Fielding (JOHN LARROQUETTE) seems to be losing the city council election to a dead man, a seemingly naive Judge Harry Stone (HARRY ANDERSON) is surprised to learn a hooker, Carla B. (RITA TAGGART), has been frequenting his courtroom because she's fallen in love with him. 

Night Court

9:30p ET

Quadrangle Of Love

Prosecutor Dan Fielding (JOHN LARROQUETTE) explodes in a jealous rage after learning his attractive new assistant (CAROLINE McWILLIAMS) is dating other men on the night court staff--among them Judge Harry Stone (HARRY ANDERSON). 

The Dick Van Dyke Show

10:00p ET

I Am My Brother's Keeper (Part 1)

Rob's shy brother experiences a strange change when he falls asleep. 

The Dick Van Dyke Show

10:30p ET

Sleeping Brother, The (Part 2)

Rob wants his brother to try out for "The Alan Brady Show", but can he be funny and awake? 

On Now: Cheers

11:00p ET

Feeble Attraction

Rebecca searches for a hidden treasure inside a gift from Robin. 


11:30p ET

Sam Ahoy

Sam enters a sailing contest and discovers a bomb onboard. 


12:00a ET

Mr. Personalities

Latka assumes the personality of cabbie Alex. 

The Bob Newhart Show

12:30a ET

Fly the Unfriendly Skies

While leading his aviophobia group, Bob discovers Emily is scared of flying too. 


1:00a ET

Write to Privacy

Joanna and Stephanie are furious at Michael when they peek at his diary. 

The Lost Honeymooners

1:30a ET

Love Letter

Alice discovers Ed's old love letter to his wife, and Ralph mistakenly thinks another man is after Alice. 

The Phil Silvers Show

2:00a ET

Cyrano De Bilko

Bilko helps out one the platoon when he is too shy to ask for a date with a local girl called Natalie. But complications arise when it turns out that there are two girls called Natalie. 

The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis

2:30a ET

Take Me to Your Leader

Pulling guard duty one night on their Army post, Dobie and Maynard recall via flashbacks an incident from their civilian days when they were certain that the Martians were invading. 

Rowan & Martin's Laugh In

3:00a ET

Season 5, Episode 11

Sketches include the honeymoon quickie, the control tower blackouts, what’s for dinner, the Bonnie and Clyde runner, the nudist camp, the tasteful lady, Agnes' acting lessons, cameo theater, the Laugh-In News song. Featuring Perry Como, Vincent Price, Three Dog Night, Agnes Moorehead, Kent McCord, and Sheldon Leonard. 

The Best of the Ed Sullivan Show

4:00a ET

Brenda Lee, Jean Carroll, and more

Today's episode features the Young Rascals, Senor Wences, Les Olympiades, Abbe Lane, Jean Carroll, and Brenda Lee. 

The Best of the Ed Sullivan Show

4:30a ET

Sammy Davis Jr., the Barry Sisters, and more

Today's episode features Sammy Davis Jr., the Barry Sisters, Rickie Layne and Velvel, Fred Kaps, Ugo Garrido, and Sergio Franchi. 

Our Miss Brooks

5:00a ET

The Model Teacher

Miss Brooks is on high alert when a female photographer catches the eye of Mr. Boynton. 

Our Miss Brooks

5:30a ET

Wake-Up Plan

Sleeping pills cause trouble when they're mistaken for aspirin.