Catchy Comedy Schedule

For Washington, DC, DC

6:00a ET

Full House

Blast From The Past

Joey is smitten when his old college sweetheart returns looking for romance. 

6:30a ET

Full House

I'm There For You, Babe

After Jesse inadvertently schedules his musical group in two different places for the same night, the family helps by performing as a back-up band. 

7:00a ET

Full House

Luck Be A Lady, Part 1

The family travels to Lake Tahoe, where Joey and the girls get lucky, and Jesse proposes marriage to Rebecca. 

7:30a ET

Full House

Luck Be A Lady, Part 2

After Jesse and Rebecca agree to wed, Danny tries to convince them to change their minds. 

8:00a ET

The Brady Bunch

The Great Earring Caper

When Cindy loses Carol's earrings before a costume party, Peter has a detective kit and a short time to find them. 

8:30a ET

The Brady Bunch

You're Never Too Old

The Brady kids play matchmaker for grandfather Brady and grandmother Hutchins. 

9:00a ET

Family Affair

Waltz From Vienna

Cissy receives a royal marriage proposal, much to the dismay of Uncle Bill. 

9:30a ET

The Donna Reed Show

The Parting of the Ways

Mary's friend thinks her parents are breaking up and comes to Mary for advice. Mary then thinks Donna and Alex are having problems. 

10:00a ET

The Carol Burnett Show

Season 5, Episode 24

The season-ending "Family Show" features the best variety show ensemble on television with the epic showbiz extravaganza "The Doily Sisters," about a pair of twin Vaudeville performers. Originally aired 3/29/1972. 

11:00a ET

The Lucy Show

Lucy and the Monsters

The kids are unfazed by the horror flick they see at movies, but Lucy and Viv are scared stupid. This leads to a nightmare with the two transformed into wicked witches. 

11:30a ET

The Lucy Show

Lucy and the Countess

Mr. Mooney is impressed by Lucy's childhood friend Rosie Hannigan, now known as the Countess Framboise. Despite her title, she's now a widow who's flat broke. The two old pals attend a high society wine-tasting and proceed to get plastered. 

12:00p ET

I Love Lucy

Lucy Gets Homesick in Italy

Lucy feels homesick, especially when she can't call home for Little Ricky's birthday. 

12:30p ET

I Love Lucy

Lucy's Italian Movie

Lucy gets cast in a film and goes to a winery to rehearse for the role. 

1:00p ET

The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Best Of Enemies

When Rhoda spills a secret, Mary's job and friendship are put on the line. 

On Now: 1:30p ET

Don't Give Up the Office

Rhoda fears her window dressing business is going broke, and so is she. 

2:00p ET

Laverne & Shirley

The Tenants Are Revolting

The girls believe they are doing a good deed by calling in a building inspector to make repairs, until Mrs. Babish is given a deadline to fix it or pay a fine. 

2:30p ET

Laverne & Shirley

There's a Spy in My Beer

No one believes Laverne saw an industrial spy in the brewery. So she takes it upon herself to prove everyone wrong. She drags Shirley back to the brewery late that evening and they lie in wait for the spy. Both girls after arguing with each other end up soaking wet in a huge vat of beer. When the spy appears the girls confront him. Moments later, the security guard comes in and the girls try to convince the guard about the spy. The spy spins a tale to the guard who is now unconvinced so Laverne pulls of his trousers revealing the stolen microfilm in his sock suspenders. 

3:00p ET

Mama's Family

There Is Nothing Like a Dame

Things quickly go from bad to worse when Mama hosts a backyard luncheon for a ladies social group she wants to join. 

3:30p ET

Mama's Family

Bye, Bye, Baby!

In the series finale, Vint and Naomi finally have a baby and Mama becomes a grandmother--but not before high drama. 

4:00p ET

The Love Boat

So Help Me Hannah / Maid Cleans Up / C.P.R., I.O.U.

Hannah, an elderly, creative free spirit, spreads her philosophy of chasing your dreams among the crew, as well as the son of a former flame, who wants to become a pianist against his father's wishes. A maid comes on board to meet one of her clients after finding out that his girlfriend is cheating on him. Gopher tries unsuccessfully to schedule a CPR training class for the crew, until a real emergency demands his skills. 

5:00p ET

The Odd Couple

Our Fathers

Felix's chance meeting between his and Oscar's fathers. 

5:30p ET

The Odd Couple

The Big Broadcast

After Oscar takes a job as a radio host, Felix comes up with his own ideas to boost the ratings. 

6:00p ET

Good Times

The Art Contest

J.J. is teaching art classes and one of his students, Emily, has great promise and skill with her paintings. It seems that J.J.'s painting is selected for a contest, and J.J. makes this mistake of asking Bookman to take it downtown for him but he takes Emily's painting to the contest by mistake! J.J. wins first prize for the painting and soon must decide whether or not to take credit for something he didn't do.  

6:30p ET

Good Times

The Physical

Florida discovers she must take and pass a physical examination to keep her bus driving job. However, the night before her physical is utter chaos ending with Michael landing in jail.  

7:00p ET

Sanford and Son

Aunt Esther Meets Her Son

The day has come for Aunt Esther and Woody to meet their son but they are in for a shock when he helps himself to their cash register. Later, Esther is in for an even bigger shock when he announces that he doesn't believe in God. Esther promptly kicks him out and he takes refuge at the Sanford residence. 

7:30p ET

Sanford and Son

Sanford and Gong

Lamont runs into Chuck Barris in a parking lot and he generously gives Lamont four tickets to a taping of The Gong Show, which happens to be Fred's favorite game show. Fred decides to try to be a contestant and sets up an act with his brother-in-law, Rodney and Lamont. However, at the last minute, Rodney hurts his back and can't be in the act. 

8:00p ET

All in the Family

Archie Is Branded

One morning Archie gets up, goes to his front door to get the newspaper and is shocked to discover that someone has painted a swastika on his front door. Archie soon gets into a debate with Mike as to who could have painted it and why. As Archie is calling the police to report it, the Bunker home gets a visit from a man from a Hebrew vigilante group who wants to plan some retaliation. 

8:30p ET

All in the Family

Everybody Tells the Truth

Archie, Edith, Mike and Gloria go out to a French restaurant and recall the events of the day. Each one of them has a vastly different version of the day's events. It seems that the Bunker's refrigerator is on the fritz and a pair of repairmen enter the scene. However, in the end, the fridge doesn't get repaired and it's Edith's version of the day that explains why it didn't get fixed. 

9:00p ET

Night Court

Baby Talk

The ashes of a man left as a ward of the court make for an interesting brew; meanwhile, Harry (HARRY ANDERSON) and the others become concerned when Mac (CHARLES ROBINSON), desperate for money because of his pregnant wife's excessive spending, disappears. 

9:30p ET

Night Court

The Modest Proposal

Christine (MARKIE POST) announces she is getting married and asks Harry (HARRY ANDERSON) to perform the ceremony, but can she go through with it? 

10:00p ET

The Dick Van Dyke Show


Rob discovers he didn't receive credit for a song he co-wrote years ago. 

10:30p ET

The Dick Van Dyke Show

Your Home Sweet Home Is My Home Sweet Home

Rob and Laura's dream house has a not-so-dreamy rock. 

11:00p ET


Bar Wars II: The Woodman Strikes Back

Cheers' gets another chance to beat their rivals at Gary's Old Towne Tavern. 

11:30p ET


Adventures in Housesitting

Rebecca panics when her boss's dog runs away while in her care. 

12:00a ET


Simka Returns

Latka is eagerly anticipating a reunion with his ex-girlfriend from the old country, Simka. She arrives at the garage and while Latka is in the bathroom, Alex warns her of Latka's multiple personalities. Sure enough, at Latka's apartment later, Vic Ferrarri makes his appearance and seduces Simka. Much to Latka's dismay, soon his alter-ego, Vic, and Simka seem to be an item. Alex encourages Latka to fight Vic for Simka, which he does in hilarious fashion and Vic never returns. 

12:30a ET

The Bob Newhart Show

My Son the Comedian

Howard's son announces that he wants to drop out of school and become a stand-up comic.  

1:00a ET


New Faces of 1951

Dick and Joanna plan a birthday party for George when he reveals he has never had one. 

1:30a ET

The Lost Honeymooners

Catch a Star

Ralph boasts friendship with Jackie Gleason, and then has to prove it by inviting him to the Raccoon Lodge dance. 

2:00a ET

The Phil Silvers Show

Bilko Talks in His Sleep

Sgt's Grover,and Ritzik overhear Bilko talking in his sleep and he gives away all his betting secrets. Bilko soon realizes what is happening and gets his own back. 

2:30a ET

The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis

I Was a Boy Sorority Girl

To raise money to carry on like a rich playboy, Dobie takes a job as a waiter in a sorority house. 

3:00a ET

Rowan & Martin's Laugh In

Season 4, Episode 23

Sketches include breakfast in bed, the adult bookstore, the hippie hitchhiker, Cinderella runners, the baseball film, the mod world of psychiatry, the tasteful lady, and the costume party runner. Featuring Peter Lawford, George Raft, Jilly Rizzo, Lisa Moore, and David Steinberg. 

4:00a ET

The Best of the Ed Sullivan Show

The Jackson 5, George Carlin, and more

Today's episode features the Jackson 5, Sonny James, George Carlin, the Little Step Brothers, Marilyn Michaels, and Roger Williams. 

4:30a ET

The Best of the Ed Sullivan Show

The Supremes, Frank Ifield, and more

Today's episode features the Supremes, the Alcettys, Frank Ifield, Roberta Peters, and Holiday on Ice. 

5:00a ET

Our Miss Brooks

Monsieur LaBlanche

Walter misinterprets a note to mean the French teacher likes Miss Brooks. 

5:30a ET

Our Miss Brooks

Old Marblehead

Mr. Conklin starts fining students and teacher to fund a bust of himself.