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6:00a ET

Full House

Pal Joey

Danny feels increasingly abandoned as his best friend, Joey, and his brother-in-law, Jesse, become closer. 

6:30a ET

Full House

Baby Love

Michelle becomes very upset when her best friend and boyfriend, Howie, moves away. 

7:00a ET

Full House

El Problema Grande De D.J.

D.J. is shocked when she sees how her father, Danny, behaves toward her Spanish teacher after D.J. comes home with a poor report card. 

7:30a ET

Full House

Goodbye, Mr. Bear

Everyone is puzzled at Stephanie's overreaction when her favorite stuffed animal, Mr. Bear, is missing. 

8:00a ET

The Brady Bunch

The Subject Was Noses

Marcia has her comeuppance when she breaks a date for another boy and then breaks her nose... 

8:30a ET

The Brady Bunch

How to Succeed in Business?

Peter is a rollercoaster of emotion when he gets and then loses his first job. 

9:00a ET

Family Affair

By a Whisker

To prove he's tough enough to join a boy's club, Jody must clip Mr. French's whiskers. 

9:30a ET

The Donna Reed Show

April Fool

A singing idol (James Darren) secretly stays with the Stones when he suddenly becomes ill before a concert. 

10:00a ET

The Carol Burnett Show

Season 5, Episode 22

TV's "The Odd Couple"--Jack Klugman and Tony Randall--guest star! Jack sings (!) with Carol, while Tony takes part in a sketch revealing superstitions among actors as part of a tribute to Broadway. Originally aired 3/08/1972. 

11:00a ET

The Lucy Show

Lucy and the Ceramic Cat

When Lucy and Viv break the ceramic cat Mr. Mooney plans to give his wife as a surprise birthday present, Lucy winds up pretending to be a mechanical man in a department store window to steal another ceramic cat. 

11:30a ET

The Lucy Show

Lucy Goes to Vegas

Lucy and Viv win a free trip to Vegas, but have no spending money for their stay. The two pose as big-money gamblers to score some free "comps", but eventually they have to prove it at the casino tables. 

12:00p ET

I Love Lucy

Lucy Gets a Paris Gown

Lucy goes on a hunger strike until Ricky buys her a designer dress. 

12:30p ET

I Love Lucy

Lucy in the Swiss Alps

The Ricardos and Mertzes get trapped in a cabin by an avalanche. 

1:00p ET

The Mary Tyler Moore Show

The Co-Producers

Mary and Rhoda are excited to develop a new show until they learn Ted and Sue Ann will be the hosts. 

1:30p ET


It's Not My Fault…Is It?

Lenny quits his job and sinks into depression after Brenda turns down his marriage proposal one more time. 

2:00p ET

Laverne & Shirley

Squiggy in Love

Laverne and Shirley try to help Squiggy by pointing out to him that his latest great looking girlfriend is just using him to help move into and decorate her flat. When they finally confront Squiggy with the news, he tells them he knows he's being used but what chance does a guy like him have with a beautiful girl like that. Of course he does the right thing thanks to his friends and tells the gold digger to get lost. 

2:30p ET

Laverne & Shirley

The Feminine Mistake

Laverne asks Shirley if she can make her more feminine to impress Joey. This leads to Laverne acting 'froo-froo' and doing impressions of a southern belle. 

3:00p ET

Mama's Family

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

When Vint wins an expensive Mother's Day dinner for two, he must choose between taking Mama and Naomi. And it turns into all-out family war between the two women over who will get the dinner out. 

3:30p ET

Mama's Family

Look Who's Breathing

When Mama substitutes for Vint at Naomi's Lamaze class, she relates her own experience of giving birth and scares everyone out of the room. 

4:00p ET

The Love Boat

Vicki's Dilemma / Discount Romance / Looser and Still Champ

Gopher's uncle secretly opens a shop in his cabin; Vicki gets involved with a teenager who pops pills to compensate for his neglectful mother. 

5:00p ET

The Odd Couple

The Subway Show

When Oscar is fed up with New York City, Felix tries to show him it's a fun place, only to have them end up trapped in a stalled subway car. 

5:30p ET

The Odd Couple

The Paul Williams Show

When Felix keeps a sick Edna from going to a Paul Williams concert, she runs away to become a groupie. 

6:00p ET

Good Times

Where Have all the Doctors Gone

When Willona goes out of town, she leaves Penny in Florida's care. Shortly after, Penny comes down with a virus and Florida takes her down to the free clinic to be examined. Florida quickly comes face to face with the hardnosed doctor who's out of touch with the people in the ghetto and who's also planning to leave, right in the middle of what seems to be an epidemic. 

6:30p ET

Good Times

JJ and TC

A tomboy who's been helping out Bookman, wants J.J. to ask her to a dance. However, J.J. thinks of her as just one of the guys, that is until he has an encounter with her at a seedy pick-up bar.  

7:00p ET

Sanford and Son


Fred gets a letter in the mail from someone named Carol who claims that Fred knew her 40 years ago and that she's coming for a visit. However, Fred doesn't recall knowing any Carols and is in for a shock when Carol turns out to be a man. Another shock, Carol claims that he and Fred robbed a bank years ago. 

7:30p ET

Sanford and Son

Aunt Esther Has a Baby

Aunt Esther and Woody have decided to have a baby and set up an appointment with an adoption agency to adopt an older child. However, on the day of a preliminary interview, Woody, so nervous about the prospects of being a father, gets drunk, threatening their chances for an adoption. A heartbroken Esther turns to Fred for help. 

8:00p ET

All in the Family

Class Reunion

Edith gets an invitation to attend her 30th high school class reunion, but when Archie refuses to escort her, she decides not to go. When her Cousin Amelia shows up to question Edith about her decision, Edith learns that an old flame, Buck, will be attending the reunion. Suddenly, Archie decides that he would like to go. However, when Buck does finally show up, Archie is in for a surprise since the once good looking track star seems to have lost his good looks. 

8:30p ET

All in the Family

The Hot Watch

Archie comes home with a brand new watch and claims that he got a bargain on it, since he was told that it was a $300 watch and he got it for $25. Later, Archie is crestfallen when he discovers that the watch is broken. Meanwhile, Mike is convinced that the watch is stolen and encourages Archie to be careful, since the serial number may lead the jeweler to discover that indeed Archie has a hot watch. Thus, Archie scrambles to find a jeweler who will fix it with no questions asked. 

9:00p ET

Night Court

New Year's Leave

It's New Year's Eve, and while Judge Harry T. Stone (HARRY ANDERSON) helps an escaped convict see in the new year in Times Square, Bull (RICHARD MOLL) attempts to confine a man who thinks he's 1987. 

9:30p ET

Night Court


Harry (HARRY ANDERSON) does not believe a sweet, middle-aged woman when she claims she murdered her husband; and Dan (JOHN LARROQUETTE) finds an unusual method of financing his dream car. 

10:00p ET

The Dick Van Dyke Show

Young Man With a Shoehorn

Rob invests his bonus paycheck in Buddy's uncle's discount shoe store. 

10:30p ET

The Dick Van Dyke Show

Girls Will Be Boys

Richie says a girl's been beating him up in school. 

11:00p ET


Jumping Jerks

The guys set out to prove their manliness by skydiving. 

11:30p ET


Send in the Crane

Sam reunites with his lost love and ends up falling for her daughter. 

12:00a ET


Tony's Lady

Tony takes a second job working as a chauffer for a wealthy but friendly woman named Christina. The two of them hit it off while he's driving her around, and Tony develops a crush on her. By the time Tony finally gets up the nerve to ask her out, it's too late-- she has just become engaged. 

12:30a ET

The Bob Newhart Show

A Day In the Life

Bob's unexpected leave of absence throws his patients off. 

1:00a ET


Send Her, Ella

Stephanie gets stuck watching the Inn rather than compete in the Maple Syrup beauty contest. 

1:30a ET

The Lost Honeymooners

Finders Keepers

Ralph and Ed try to come up with money to buy a candy store. 

2:00a ET

The Phil Silvers Show

Sergeant Bilko Presents

Unable to raise the necessary funds to back Pt Hugo Lockman's play 'Sharecropper's Summer', Bilko persuades the army to run a playwriting competition. 

2:30a ET

The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis

Sweet Success of Smell

Maynard's sense of smell is powerful, especially when it comes food. But Dobie believes Maynard can parlay that ability to sniff out anything into a lucrative detective business. 

On Now: 3:00a ET
Rowan & Martin's Laugh In

Season 4, Episode 22

Sketches include the laughing song, the firing squad runner, the Laugh-In fable, money quickies, movie clichés, the baseball quickie, classic movie scenes, the stock market report, and the friendly lady film. Featuring Truman Capote, Wilt Chamberlain, and Sam Yorty. 

4:00a ET

The Best of the Ed Sullivan Show

The Muppets, Sam and Dave, and more

Today's episode features Sam and Dave, Mary Hopkin, Montego, the Muppets, Mike Douglas, Ron Carey, and Lucero Tena. 

4:30a ET

The Best of the Ed Sullivan Show

Tiny Tim, Gloria Loring, and more

Today's episode features Englebert Humperdinck, Lainie Kazan, David Hemmings, Gloria Loring, Peter Gennaro, and Tiny Tim. 

5:00a ET

Our Miss Brooks

The Pet Shop

When Mr. Boynton stands Miss Brooks up, she decides to return the favor. 

5:30a ET

Our Miss Brooks

The Hurricane

With a hurricane drawing near, Miss Brooks and the gang shut down school to take refuge in Mr. Conklin's house.