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Jean Stapleton was a Hollywood star, but she lived in rural Pennsylvania

In 1971 Jean Stapleton won an Emmy award for her performance as Edith Bunker on the hit '70s sitcom, All in the Family. This would be the first of 10 nominations, three of which she won for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series.

Stapleton would have a successful career in Hollywood, but her success wasn't just based in Hollywood, it was also based just outside of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.

According to a 1971 interview with Courier-Post, Stapleton, along with her husband and two kids, would split time between the country roads and the Los Angeles highways. Her husband, William Putch, was best known for his work in Charlie's Angels.

"He couldn't stand New York City," she said. "So we moved to the country. And we love it."

Stapleton would direct, manage and assist at a local theater in Pennsylvania.

According to the interview, their home in Pennsylvania was a beautiful log cabin, with four bedrooms, cathedral ceilings and a stone fireplace. It was also equipped with indoor plumbing and heating.

Their West Coast quarters was complete with a tropical garden and a swimming pool.

Stapleton said that she and her family preferred their country home over their Hollywood one, with or without the swimming pool.

In a 1971 interview with The Los Angeles Times, Stapleton said that after winning an Emmy her only concern was getting back home to her husband and kids. A lot of young kids, including her own, learned from the sitcom's realness.

"You'd be surprised at how sharp these kids are today," she said. "I've received many letters from parents saying how their children, through our series, see the difference between hatred and prejudice."

Stapleton encouraged parents to let their kids watch All in the Family because it could be used as a learning tool. What do you think? 

"They're very advanced," she began. "Like my son John is 10 going on 18 and my daughter Pam is 12 going on 20. So anytime I talk to families now I ask parents to let their kids stay up late, at least on these Monday nights."

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