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Demond Wilson recalled the moment he and Redd Foxx became friends

When co-stars love working together, the chemistry is wildly visible. Demond Wilson, who played Lamont on Sanford and Son, was constantly asked about his relationship with co-star Redd Foxx, and Wilson never shied away from giving an honest response.

Redd Foxx was a well-known comedian before he took the role of Fred Sanford, Wilson's character's father. It can be difficult working with big stars because of their egos, but Demond Wilson loved being on set with Foxx. 

In an interview with The Windsor Star in 1975, Wilson talked about their relationship. "I love Redd. We have an understanding. He never has to guess what I'm thinking 'cause I tell him about my feelings — positive or negative."

When you think about it, that's exactly how Wilson's character was too. Lamont always shared his opinions with his father when he didn't like how Fred handled things. However, the two actors' relationship didn't begin that way. They barely spoke to each other.

"During the first few weeks, we limited ourselves to polite exchanges of 'How you doing?' and kind of walked around each other," he added. "Then one day we were in the photo studio for some publicity pictures and some guy said, 'Okay, I want you to put your head through this tire and smile.' I said something censorable and walked out."

Asking someone to put their head through a tire sounds crazy, and Redd Foxx agreed that he wouldn't have done it either. Foxx called Wilson his son for not going through with it.

"I heard Redd say 'My son!' and when I looked back he was right behind me, laughing. From that moment on, we were friends."

Their friendship brought so much chemistry to their roles that you'd think they were father and son in real life.

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