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Here's what everyone was doing after The Dick Van Dyke Show ended

The Dick Van Dyke Show came to a close in 1966 after five seasons on-air. The hit-series set a standard for both writing and character development for many future show to come.

The Dick Van Dyke Show didn't end due to low ratings or a network cancellation, it simply ended because the cast and crew were ready to move on to other projects. With that much talent in one series, it was best to spread it around. Even Larry Mathews, who was only 10 at the time, was looking forward to his next big gig.

According to a 1966 interview with Dayton Daily News, there were no grand speeches or fanfare for the closing performance. After five years of working closely together, the cast spent their last minutes doing wild tracks and one-liners.

Here is what the cast of The Dick Van Dyke Show said they were doing after the series ended. From other projects to getting some rest; these stars deserved whatever job or opportunity came next.

All quotes are from the 1966 interview with Dayton Daily News. Enjoy! 

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Dick Van Dyke (Rob Petrie)

"I'm going to sleep for a month. Then I go to Columbia to start work on Divorce, American Style (1967). I think I've learned what to do in these five years. Maybe in other five years I could learn how to do it." 

Divorce, American Style was a popular comedy film starring Dick Van Dyke and Debbie Reynolds. It explored divorce in a comedic manner.

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Carl Reiner (Creator)

"I'm starting right away at Columbia, writing, directing and producing Enter Laughing (1967). He should have been really familiar with the material; it was from a book he wrote about his childhood. 

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Richard Deacon (Mel Cooley)

"I hope to land another series. I've done running parts in 14 so far, and I like the work. I've got a couple pictures I may do, and I'll probably line up another series."

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Larry Mathews (Ritchie Petrie)

"I hope to get a picture. I want to keep working." Mathews was only 10 at the time. A young boy with a lot of ambition. 

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Rose Marie (Sally Rogers)

"I'm going to Australia to play some dates, then I come back in June and make a pilot script about a meter maid, one of those lady policemen who check parking meters."

"Play some dates in Australia" is one clever way of taking a vacation.

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Mary Tyler Moore (Laura Petrie)

"I'm talking to Universal about my first picture under contract there. It may be Thoroughly Modern Millie with Julie Andrews. Also, my husband (NBC executive Grant Tinker) has been transferred to New York as program head, so I'll be moving. I really hate to leave."

According to the article, she gazed around the room at her co-stars and started to cry.

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