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Stephanie Tanner singing Ace of Base is peak Nineties Full House

During the final season of Full House, an episode aired that, apart from the Beach Boys episode, might be the favorite episode for music fans of the entire series.

"We Got the Beat" found Uncle Jesse beaming with pride when Stephanie Tanner announced she’s starting her first band with her best friend Gia.

Stephanie names her band Girl Talk, then recruits a drummer and Kimmy Gibbler on keyboards. The band has only one week to prep before a talent show, and under Uncle Jesse's management, they think they've got a good shot at winning an appearance.

What's likely most memorable about this episode is the song that Girl Talk chooses to play for their audition.

In 1994, the year before this episode aired, the Swedish pop group Ace of Base topped charts with their hit song "The Sign." Billboard dubbed "The Sign" the No. 1 song of 1994.

It's no surprise then that Full House chose this popular song to feature in the episode, and Stephanie Tanner singing lyrics to "The Sign" is basically one of the most Nineties images you can think of for Nineties kids.

The episode became so cherished that later when the sitcom got rebooted as Fuller House, writers made a point to reunite Girl Talk for another performance of "The Sign."

They even got the actor who played Stephanie’s best friend Gia to come back and reprise her role.

According to Sweetin, the original drummer Melissa Clayton wasn't available for the reunion because, at the time, she was one of the drummers who tours with Beyonce. According to IMDb, Clayton passed away the next year after the reunion episode.

On Fuller House, big sister D.J. fills in on drums for the reboot band reunion.

Although "We Got the Beat" is arguably the most iconic episode for the character of Stephanie Tanner, Sweetin told Newsday in 1994 that her favorite episodes were the ones where the whole cast traveled to Hawaii and Disney World.

For young Jodie, who grew up on Full House, the show ended when she was 14 and just getting ready to go into high school.

The network's decision to cancel the show wasn't due to any slip in popularity, but because the salaries for the sitcom stars had gotten too high.

It was hard news for Sweetin, who thought of the cast as a second family, and she told The Chicago Tribune in 1995 how bummed out she was when the news came that the show was ending.

"They really didn't give us an ending episode, which was kind of sad," Sweetin said. "It was hard, because they didn't give us a lot of time to say goodbye."

After the last episode wrapped, the cast did get together for one final meal, though.

"The cast went out to dinner," Sweetin said. "It was nice. It was sad, but I'm going to try to keep in touch with the people as much as I can."

When the reboot came around, Sweetin not only was back together with her old family, but also back together with her band Girl Talk, and back-to-back wielding guitars with her BFF Gia.

For fans of the original Full House series, it was perfectly executed TV nostalgia, with one fan writing a review that insisted, "The band reunion wouldn't have even been worth it if Gia had been recast."

These are the kinds of Full House super-fans that Sweetin loves to hear from most.

"I think Full House has some of the best fans in the world," Sweetin said.

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