Maureen McCormick thought of Florence Henderson almost as a second mother during the filming of The Brady Bunch

We didn't only watch Marcia Brady grow up in the five years that The Brady Bunch dominated our television sets; we also watched Maureen McCormick grow up as she played the role of Marcia. Moreover, just as the Brady boys and girls came together on screen to unite as a family, this seemed to be the case off the screen amongst the actors, who created friendships that were sure to last a lifetime.

In an interview with the Austin American-Statesman, McCormick spoke about her on-screen mother, Florence Henderson, and she seemed to have nothing but glowing reviews.

"During that time, Florence Henderson was almost a second mother to me," McCormick said. The two ladies weren't just spending time together on the set of The Brady Bunch either. "Florence's daughter, Barbara, was one of my best friends, and I was in their home a lot." the actor said.

When McCormick became an adult, she and Florence altered their friendship from that of a familial one to that of a friendship between two mature women, although McCormick acknowledged that she'll always view Henderson as Carol Brady, to a degree.

"Today, even though Florence is still a mother figure in some ways, in other ways, we are almost equals. And we are now very good friends." McCormick said.

Funnily enough, McCormick also revealed in an interview with The Palm Beach Post that she had a crush on her on-screen father, Robert Reed, while filming The Brady Bunch

"I had a huge crush on Robert Reed. I just knew he was a great man and I really admired him...I wanted to marry him. I really did." While the innocent crush faded as McCormick grew older, it was obvious that McCormick still adored Reed in the way a real daughter might love a real father.

"I really miss him." She said of Reed.

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