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Harvey Korman made Carol Burnett wet her pants on The Carol Burnett Show

The only thing funnier than making an audience laugh is making your friends laugh, and for Harvey Korman, nothing was better than making his friends laugh on The Carol Burnett Show. Twelve years after Korman had left the series, Korman told the Anderson Independent-Mail that he deeply valued his time on the series.

"I don't think I've liked very much since I left Carol Burnett," he said. Korman himself was hand-picked for the series by Burnett herself, who praised Korman's talents in her book, This Time Together: Laughter and Reflection. "I don't think there's anybody who can top what he [Korman] could do," Burnett wrote. "I've always felt that it's a wise thing to play tennis with a better player because it makes your own game that much better. And that's what Harvey was to me as a fellow actor. He made my game better. He made everyone's game better."

In turn, Korman called Burnett "one of the sweetest, nicest ladies in the world," and in addition to sharing a mutual admiration for one another, Korman and Burnett loved to make each other laugh.

Korman actually revealed that one of the show's funniest moments didn't come from any scripted sketch on The Carol Burnett Show, but rather an unexpected (and embarrassing) moment for Korman.

"We were trying to do the show live, and I had to make a very quick change and get some pants on and I never made it," he said. "I was out there in my underwear and Carol laughed so hard she wet her pants." Luckily, working on The Carol Burnett Show might be the only job where you can make your boss wet their pants and be praised for it. Korman seemed to wear the experience as a badge of honor. 

Still, when pressed about a potential Carol Burnett reunion, Korman was hesitant to make any guarantees. "I don't like to go backward," he said. "I like to keep going forward."

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