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Here are 8 of the most memorable Tim Conway sketches from The Carol Burnett Show

Few comedians could get a live studio audience, those watching from home and nearly every co-star on set cracking up as much as Tim Conway. 

Conway would often take a sketch on The Carol Burnett Show into his own hands, going off script and long on time, just to make his co-stars break character. 

He once said it was his goal to make long time co-star Harvey Korman break character, and he succeeded many times, giving those Carol Burnett Shows the "live" feel time after time. 

Though there are way too many memorable Tim Conway sketches to list, here are just some of his most memorable performances. 

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The Dentist

Where else would we start than "The Dentist"? It's one of the best comedy sketches in the history of television. Conway portrays a recently-graduated dental student who is nervous to treat his first patient. Nervous, actually, would be an understatement. His character only got Cs in the "filling and pulling" category of dental school, but Conway himself delivered an A+ performance in this sketch, arguably his most memorable on The Carol Burnett Show. He went off course so much, and caused Harvey Korman to laugh so hard, that Korman wet himself!

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The Elephant Story

The elephant story could also be argued as the most memorable Tim Conway sketch from The Carol Burnett Show. This one comes during a Mama's Family sketch, featuring Conway, Burnett, Vicki Lawrence and Dick Van Dyke. Conway won't let the skit continue until finishes a story about a circus elephant. Each time Burnett, who plays Eunice, tries to talk to Mama, Conway cuts her off with more about this elephant. Ballerina skirts, elephant lovers and elephant squash continues to break up everyone, including Conway. In a second attempt at the sketch, Conway brings it up again, but this time the story is about siamese elephants. As the crazy story continues on, when Burnett turns to Lawrence for the next part of the skit, Lawrence interrupted with an off-script line that sent the entire cast and audience into a frenzy. 

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The Oldest Fireman

When a fire breaks out, it's naturally up to the fire department to arrive quickly and extinguish the flames. Harvey Korman's character Reginald Worthington has called the fire department twice telling them to hurry. Though he's on the first floor, a firefighter that should've retired a few years back breaks through the glass on a ladder. Conway hilariously breaks more glass before using his tiny ladder to enter the home. Conway's pitter-patter pace towards the flames isn't too helpful. The laughs really kick in when Korman suggests he needs mouth to mouth resuscitation due to smoke inhalation. Taking his time, Conway bends down, grabs Korman's face and says, "where are you from." Korman, who was clearly already laughing, totally breaks character and chuckles until the sketch is over. 

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Airline gate agent

When Harvey's character is heading to Los Angeles on "Speedo" airlines, Conway is the gate agent. Not only does he stamp LA as Korman's destination, he stamps out every letter and even stamps that Korman is allowed to use the restroom on the plane. Conway stamps Korman's ticket several times, each one with more force. When the passenger tries to tip the gate agent, you better believe he stamps that, too, sending Korman into another obvious character break. Then, Conway has to check what's inside Korman's briefcase. It involves a drill, crowbar and saw. We'll leave it at that. 

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Guard to the King and Queen

"Nobody goes in the palace without the password." Not even the king (Korman) or queen (Burnett). Perhaps a bribe will let the king and queen pass through, a solid idea until the guard turns down a shiny new shilling by telling the king, "stick it in your ear." Instead, the guard would like sweet treats as his bribe, including a "buffalo popsicle" and a "double decker cone," made of one scoop of "antelope sherbert and one scoop of goat-hoof ice cream." 

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The Dog

There's just something about Tim Conway's characters that can't help but get poked with needles. This time, worried doggy parents Conway and Burnett are relieved when their pup only needs a shot to get rid of a virus. But the vet sticks the needle into Conway's hand. The reaction to the shot results in barking at the door, sniffing the visitors and licking Harvey Korman. 

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Clock repair

There's no better way to repair a clock than with a stethoscope and the question, "do you want to turn your head and cough?" But before this old-timer can even look at the broken grandfather clock, he must stamp away on a claim ticket for Korman's character to take, of course, in slow motion. Conway goes into the clock and breaks it even further, causing Korman's character to wreck the clock shop!

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The Dresser

We told you it was Tim Conway's goal to make Harvey Korman break during a sketch, and in this one, where Conway is a wardrobe manager, just might take the cake. When Korman comes in looking for a change of clothes, it takes Conway several minutes to get started. He then washes Korman's wig with his hands, before falling to the floor with paper towels. When it comes to getting Mr. Henderson's clothes off the conveyor, Conway takes a ride and can't let go. The back and forth movement makes Korman laugh out loud, and this time he doesn't even try to hide the laughter, losing his fake mustache in the process. 

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