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Ted Lange said that he was grateful The Love Boat cast loved each other

There's one show where you could get a mixture of romance, comedy, and drama: The Love Boat. Although the setting was on a cruise ship, there was nothing limited regarding the storylines. Producers found a way to keep viewers entertained through their writing and a cast that became a family.

Fans love to know what the mood was like behind the scenes, and there's nothing better than hearing your favorite show was rooted in good energy. Ted Lange, the actor who portrayed your smooth bartender Isaac, was one of the most beloved characters in the series. In 2015, in an interview with Breakfast Television, he revealed how grateful he was to be a part of The Love Boat.

The interviewer started the conversation by asking the actor if he thought, back then, that the show would be as successful as it was. "No, [I] didn't think that. I [thought], 'could I get this check cashed now, or do I have to wait? What's the deal? Is the money in the bank? Tell me.'" Lange joked.

He then revealed that he was fortunate to be a part of the production because the cast loved each other.

"I had done a television series where not everybody in the cast liked each other," he added. "So, the great thing about The Love Boat was we all loved each other. We all protected each other. We all thought each other was funny. So, we really had a wonderful time working together."

The cast kept in touch with each other, and Lange, in 2015, said he shot a comedy pilot for one of his castmate's series. "I just shot a pilot episode for Jill, who is now 50 years old," he said. "I shot a comedy pilot for her in Los Angeles. So, yes, we all stay in touch."

The actor has done a lot of work after the hit series, including plays that his castmates have been a part of as well.

"I write plays. Bernie Kopell has been in my plays, and we've done them in L.A. and around the country. Uh, Gavin, I see [him] all the time. Gavin does plays in Palm Springs," the actor said. "So, yeah, we stay in touch. We love each other."

The Love Boat was full of love on and off the cruise.

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