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Here's what Robert Reed loved about working on The Brady Bunch

We all know how Mike, Carol, Greg, Marica, Peter, Jan, Cindy and Bobby became The Brady Bunch. Behind the scenes, a family was formed between the cast and crew.

The Brady Bunch was considered a light-hearted family sitcom that followed the lives of a blended family coming together as one. There weren't any major or harsh life lessons learned in the episodes, but they always showcased the value of family and the perks of telling the truth.

Critics had issues with the series, one being that it was too "clean," meaning the minor problems and solutions didn't replicate real life enough. Although the cast was grateful for the impact of the series, they also, later in life, voiced their opinions about the show.

Robert Reed was Mike Brady, the head of the household who raised six adventurous children along with his wife, Carol. There weren't many times the character had to become a "strict" parent, but the role became known as one of the best television fathers during the '70s, although the show debuted in 1969.

The actor loved playing the father of the bunch, but only because he enjoyed working with the children. "I'd love to be identified as the father of six. I'd love that. The role, apart from the ninny writers, is terrific," he told Gannett News Service in 1972. "These are the finest kid actors I've ever worked with."

Reed knew working with a hand full of children could be a bit challenging. However, Eve Plumb, Maureen McCormick, Susan Olsen, Barry Williams, Christopher Knight and Mike Lookinland made his job a little bit easier.

"There's never an argument or friction. The fact that they're good and pros is exciting to me," he added.

The actor praised Florence Henderson and Ann B. Davis, saying, "And Florence and Ann are the nicest people you can be with."

Despite having issues with the show's writing format and episode plots, Reed stayed on The Brady Bunch throughout the series run.

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