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Bea Benaderet wasn't worried about anyone stealing her scenes in Petticoat Junction

Actors often worry about getting their scenes stolen, which can occur when another cast member wants all of the attention or unexpectedly gets it during filming. In the '60s, there was a moment when actors felt that there were two things that could take the attention off of them in a scene: a furry animal and children. As a result, some chose not to film with either. Petticoat Junction's Bea Benaderet was not one of those actors.

In an interview with The Daily Record, the actress clarified that she wasn't worried about anyone stealing her shine while filming, especially Petticoat Junction's beloved dog.

"He's great; you'd have to be an idiot not to admire him," she began. "Any time you are going to worry about a dog stealing a scene, you simply aren't concerned with your show. Anything that makes a good ingredient, I'm for."

The dog, referred to in the article as no-name, had a history of working in television. Benaderet revealed that her interactions with the animal were always pleasant. The actress said the dog knew what a camera was and when it was time for him to film.

"The other day, we were doing a scene when all of a sudden, he discovered a blanket that was laying on the floor," she added. "He went after it, played with it, rubbed his back with it - all on camera. And the director printed it. The dog comes prepared. He's got the bark built in."

Anything the dog didn't learn before filming could be taught quickly. During one scene in Petticoat Junction, Kate, played by Benaderet, and two of her daughters were listening to Uncle Joe tell a boring story. The actress thought it would be funny for no-name to yawn with them, and he learned how to do it in just a few minutes.

"He learned it in less than five minutes," Benaderet said. "We yawned, and he yawned right at the same time - right with us. We didn't even have to cut to a close-up of him."

The actress truly admired her furry castmate, and while some actors chose not to film with animals, she made sure to play with him between scenes.

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