Fame couldn't change Jean Stapleton's ''caring and down-to-earth'' personality

Throughout the years, many celebrities have shared their opinions on what a star is and how the word can affect the mindset of an individual. Sometimes their popularity grows so fast that they don't notice the swift change in how they carry themselves.

We've seen it happen numerous times. Some celebrities' egos get big, affecting their careers and personal lives. Jean Stapleton, the loveable actress who played Edith Bunker on All in the Family, was aware of her star status but didn't let it change her.

In an interview with the Public Opinion in 1975, the actress talked about the word from a star's point of view. "The hardest thing about being a star is the demand to go beyond in each new part, to meet the expectations of the audience," Stapleton began.

She also didn't like how spouses of stars were treated, saying, "And I find it hard when the spouse is treated rudely. Some people just pass the spouse by and devote all of their attention to you because you're a star." There was no unique definition of the four-letter word in her eyes. A star was simply "a human being who acts."

Despite being held to an "elite" standard, stardom could not change Stapleton's caring and down-to-earth personality. "It doesn't change your basic values; stardom is superficial," the actress added.

There's an invasion of privacy that comes with being associated with the word. Celebrities often get their pictures snapped without permission; it happened to Stapleton various times in New York.

"I get so irritated when people snap my picture without asking. New York is terrible! They should ask first," she said. "I'm a citizen and I'm a person — just like that guy with a camera. I especially hate it when they catch me coming out looking awful, if my hair is a mess from wearing a wig."

Yet, if you still wanted to become a big star, the actress shared realistic advice. "Anyone dreaming of becoming a star — don't erase that dream! If you want to become an actor — dream of that. Pursue acting in your community or school and let it progress from there. Packing a suitcase and going to New York or Los Angeles is an impractical goal."