This was Barry Williams' favorite Brady Bunch episode

Sometimes, picking just one "favorite" is no easy task. Things change, and as time goes by, our opinions change, too. So it makes sense that Barry Williams, Greg Brady of The Brady Bunch, would have different answers at different times regarding his favorite episode of the hit sitcom. Especially in considering his own body of work, we can forgive Barry for selecting a few different options as his "favorite."

Back in 1996, '70s-era revivalism was in full swing, with several hit properties getting a reappraisal. Chief among them was The Brady Bunch, favorably repositioned within the cultural tapestry with the benefit of two hit movies. Brady fever returned with television reunions and demand to hear from the show's original stars. Barry Williams wrote and released a book about his Brady experiences, and toured universities with a one-man multimedia show. People wanted to hear from the original Brady Bunch stars and Barry Williams offered his thoughts to the Wausau Daily Herald about renewed interest in the bygone decade.

Barry Williams wasn't alone in noting that this phenomenon was cyclical. "When I was doing The Brady Bunch, the '50s were real big. In the '80s, the '60s thing was big." The '70s, according to Williams, had a certain innocence to them, which is what makes people remember those years fondly. "We were a little more jaded in the '80s, and I think we needed a little relief from that."

So, at the peak of the nostalgia cycle that brought his heyday to the forefront, Barry Williams' favorite episode was indicative of the times. "Our Son, The Man" sees Greg turn his father's den into a groovy bachelor pad. The oldest Brady boy is in high school, and, desperate for some privacy, renovates the shared space with all the voguish trappings of the day.

"It was so much of what the '70s was about," said Williams. "It had bead curtains, lava lamps, black-light posters, bell bottoms, fringe vests... and, as I like to recall, me, a white guy with an Afro."