This episode of The Brady Bunch gave Christopher Knight the most teen angst

The season-three episode "Dough Re Mi" is a fan-favorite episode that foreshadows the eventual singing career of the Bradys. The animated spinoff The Brady Kids usually featured at least one song an episode. The Brady Bunch Variety Hour, like many variety shows, built its foundation on song-and-dance numbers.

The family would go on to release four studio albums as a group, plus a duet album with Christopher Knight and Maureen McCormick. The last one, Chris Knight & Maureen McCormick, is particularily surprising when you learn how miserable Christopher Knight was during the filming of "Dough Re Mi."

The episode follows the Brady kids after Greg writes a song that he's sure will be a huge hit. To come up with the $150 for the recording session, the kids decide to record as "The Brady Six" and pool their allowances. The plan hits a snag when during rehearsals, something It turns out to be Peter, going through puberty, whose voice keeps cracking. The kids have to decide if they want to give up the recording session (and the money) or cut their own brother out of the family band. 

This being The Brady Bunch, they find a solution that keeps everyone together and happy. Greg writes a new song, "Time to Change," to accomodate Peter's voice, and the Brady Six record their song.

The real behind-the-scenes filming, though, wasn't such a happy story. "I hated that episode," Knight said. "I hated doing that episode."

In a group of a bunch of musically talented kids, Knight felt singled out. "I thought they were making fun of my inability to carry a tune," Knight said. "They invented a very special way to avoid me having to sing and then point it out in, I thought, a cruel kind of way."

Knight says that despite him being upset the whole week of filming, the final product turned out well. "The episode, if you watch it as an episode, it works," he said, "but I hated it for what went on behind my little brain at the time." 

It's easy to sympathize with Knight. What teenager would want their cracking voice not only televised but made the plot of an episode of one of the biggest TV shows in America?

However, part of the reason The Brady Bunch was so adored was how relatable it was, and Peter's vocal angst made for one of the sweetest musical episodes on TV.