Taxi's Andy Kaufman to be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame this year

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Andy Kaufman was known for many things, and as surprising as it may seem if you're most familiar with him on Taxi... wrestling was one of them. According to an article on Variety's website, Kaufman is set to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2023.

Kaufman is known for his comedy, and became one of the most well known comedians of the '70s and '80s. Many fans enjoyed watching him on Taxi for five seasons, where he played the role of Latka Gravas. 

According to the article, Kaufman will be inducted alongside this year's fellow honorees: Rey Mysterio and The Great Muta. Kaufman made his mark on the wrestling world when he declared himself as the "Inter-Gender Wrestling Champion of the World," turning inter-gender competitions into a unique wrestling side-show.

He offered $1,000 to any woman who could pin him as part of his act. 

This led to the famous feud between Kaufman and fellow WWE Hall of Famer, Jerry "The King" Lawler. In 1982, Kaufman and Lawler made an appearance together on Late Night with David Letterman. The two traded insults on TV with one another, and their appearance on the show ended with Lawler using a pile-driver move on Kaufman.

The two were actually friends in real life, but convinced the world they were enemies. It was the slap heard around the country, but it was also one for the history books, and for the WWE Hall of Fame.

Years after the incident, Lawler said it was all staged. 

According to the article, it has not been decided who will be inducting Kaufman, however, Lawler has previously attended WWE Hall of Fame's in the past. Due to a recent stroke, it's unclear if he will be healthy enough to attend. 

In 2012, Lawler credited Kaufman with helping WWE embrace the power of a celebrity crossover. The moment is a cult favorite in both the comedy world and the wrestling word. 

The 2023 WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony will air on March 31 at 10:30 P.M.

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