Maureen McCormick once said that the cast considered ''The Brady Bunch'' to be a drama

Watching old reruns of The Brady Bunch is a recipe for hilarity. The show was humorous when it aired, but watching it decades later means that you get an opportunity to laugh at the absurdity of something being played with the utmost seriousness.

In an interview with the Niagara Falls Review, Maureen McCormick, who played Marcia Brady, reminisced about her time on the series and revealed some interesting information about the production process. She said, "When we were doing the show years ago, we all really kind of considered it drama."

Today as an adult, McCormick was able to see the show in a new light. "You look at it now, and you know [it was comedy]."

While her interpretation of the show has shifted, what has never really changed is McCormick's love for the series she grew up on. She spoke to the Indianapolis Star and said that she considered The Brady Bunch to be a blessing for her. "I'm just flattered that The Brady Bunch will obviously never be off the air - that we're still in people's hearts."

However, whether it's drama or comedy, McCormick is sure that there's no television series that could replace the greatness of her reality. In fact, she actually took a few years away from life as an actor to experience a normal life for a bit of time and enjoy time with her family.

"After basically growing up on TV, it was important for me to take time off and just live life and be normal for a while," McCormick said. "I wanted to keep what was important - my husband and my little girl - in the forefront, and still do." Still, McCormick knew that she could have the best of both worlds, as she said, "But I always knew I'd come back to work."