Lucille Ball's 1964 radio show is now a podcast

To the world, Lucille Ball will always be one of the greatest ever to grace our television screens. The actress was known for her hilarious comedy, one-of-a-kind creative thinking process and more. She was also a singer, producer and owned a production company.

She's missed so much that reruns of her legendary shows are shown faithfully on networks worldwide, and now her 1964 radio show, Let's Talk To Lucy, can be heard as a podcast.

Many people might not know it, but Ball also had a very successful radio career. Her radio broadcast debut was when she appeared on Jack Haley's show The Wonder Show in 1938. A decade later, according to Everything Lucy, CBS offered the star a role on the radio show based on a popular book titled Mr. and Mrs.Cugat. Although Ball wanted her husband, Desi Arnaz, to be her co-star, CBS decided to choose someone else.

During this time, she was a highly in-demand actress, so to prepare for the show, she would rehearse her lines and record later in the day after being on set. These types of 'storytelling' radio shows were common during the late '30s and early '40s before today's format became popular.

After years of dabbling in many different areas of media, Ball got the opportunity to record a modern type of radio show, which today is often called a podcast. Let's Talk To Lucy was a show that focused on Lucille's ability to ideally interview celebrities and get them to give more insight into their careers and other aspects of their lives.

Ball interviewed her guests in a welcoming and light-hearted way, which ultimately made them feel comfortable enough to share certain information with her. She also chimed in with personal facts about her career and life, making it feel like a regular conversation between old friends who needed to catch up.

A few celebrities she interviewed include actress Joy Hodges, Shirley Booth, Carolyn Jones and more. There were conversations about being in the industry, life philosophy, and motivational talks about never being too old to fulfill your dreams. Ball even gave advice to those trying to make it in the industry.

After they aired, recordings from the show were never heard again until now. The podcast can be heard on streaming services like iHeart Radio and Apple Podcast, giving listeners a piece of nostalgic heaven.

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