Here's what Alice was actually cooking up on The Brady Bunch

Although viewers may not agree on the quality of The Brady Bunch show (especially in later seasons), everyone seems to agree on the high quality of the Brady family themselves. The show has long since gained a reputation as a "babysitter" show, a program for children to watch while their parents are away, with the positive energy offering up an admirable family dynamic. In an interview with The Central New Jersey Home News, Florence Henderson said, "The show represents what everyone wanted growing up."

Also enviable by kids everywhere? A maid like Alice Nelson, always available with some delicious food for the Brady kids to enjoy. Well, you might be interested to know that you too can eat like the Brady family with the 1994 book Alice's Brady Bunch Cookbook, signed off on by Alice herself, Ann B. Davis.

But if you're thinking, to eat a meal that tastes like it was cooked by Alice is not the same experience as eating a meal from Alice herself, you're in luck. In an interview with the News-Press, Ann B. Davis revealed what she was actually making during those Brady Bunch scenes where Alice is in the kitchen, apparently cooking up a big Brady feast.

Spoiler alert: It's a big, heaping, delicious bowl of nothing! Ann B. Davis told the News-Press that when Alice was stirring up a pot on set, "It was just boiling water." While this might not be too much of a shock, Davis also revealed that, despite her endorsement of the cookbook, she actually doesn't have the same knack for cooking that her character had. She clarified, "I don't cook; Alice cooks."

However, one thing that Ann B. Davis definitely has in common with her character is her love for the Brady kids. In an interview with The San Bernardino County Sun, Davis said, "The kids are the backbone of the show. These kids are great. Right from the start they behaved like adults."