Here's how Betty Garrett felt about her character being written out of All in the Family

Not every character is meant to last an entire series, but that doesn't mean that they're any less important. Radar O'Reilly left M*A*S*H before the series had a proper conclusion, but that doesn't mean we love Gary Burghoff as an actor any less. Furthermore, an actor leaving a project doesn't always have to be a sad thing, as it gives them a chance to either get some well-earned time off or pursue other projects.

Such was the case with Betty Garrett, who graced our screens from 1973 to 1975 on All in the Family before she was written out of the series. Garrett, however, wasn't bitter or upset about the way things had turned out. In an interview with The Tampa Tribune, she actually spoke of her departure from the show after a performance of "Betty Garrett and Other Songs."

The actress wasn't a bit upset, and said, "I really didn't have much to do." She explained, "I was a hi-bye girl. I didn't really have any good scenes, so it was foolish for them to keep paying me every week."

Irene was often seen as a foil for Archie with her sharp wit and contrasting viewpoints. Garrett had actually won a Golden Globe for her performance in the role as well.

Still, Garrett, who was well-equipped with a storied career before she entered the cast of All in the Family, was able to recognize the visibility and fame that the series had given her.

She said, "More people knew who I was after that series than after all those movies."