Florence Henderson on the importance of a good education

You'd think that a superstar of the stage and screen might fall out of touch with the trials and tribulations of a young person's life. So frequently, we read about stars spouting platitudes like "Believe in yourself," and "Follow your dreams." It's a real rarity when a famous person shows the self-awareness to offer practical advice.

By 1964, Florence Henderson wasn't yet Carol Brady. Those three very lovely girls? Barely a glint in her fictional eye. Back then, Henderson was better known as a star of the stage, having made a name for herself on Broadway.

Getting that far took some serious sacrifice, as Henderson had to leave her hometown of Owensboro, Indiana for the bright lights of New York City. Upon returning home, Henderson was greeted with a hero's welcome. Reporters hoping for a scoop were instead gifted some very down-to-earth advice.

"I left high school and went right to New York, and in a way it was good... but I think all young people SHOULD go to college because it's so very important, and someday I'm going to come back and go to Brescia!"

So, Carol Brady wasn't just a good role model to her own ragtag family. She led by example in the real world as well, and hopefully, her words resonated with more than a few would-be students.