Florence Henderson on returning for ''A Very Brady Christmas''

Have you ever visited your old high school? Or maybe, just out of curiosity, you went and hung out at an old job for a day. If you've done either, you can attest to that weird feeling. It's almost like an alternate dimension. Things are the same, yes, but they're different, too. There's a certain uncanniness to revisiting old stomping grounds. Because even if the environment hasn't changed, dear reader, rest assured that we have.

These are just some of the emotions that Florence Henderson contended with in returning to her role as Carol Brady for A Very Brady Christmas. She and her Bunch (minus Cindy) were back for the holidays, but was it a cheerful reunion? Or was it like getting together with that one side of the family you wish you could avoid each year?

In an article published in the San Bernadino County Sun the same day that the Brady's Christmas special debuted, Henderson spoke candidly about how she felt donning her old Brady apparel once more.

"It felt strange to go back to the roles," said Henderson. "Robert [Reed, Mike Brady] and I were very nervous trying to get back into those characters. The kids are all grown That's going to be quite a shock to all those kids who watch the reruns.

"The house has been redecorated. I'm into real estate now. Mike's still an architect. One son's a doctor, one's a race car driver, one works in an office. One girl's married, one's married with a career and the youngest is in college. Plus, there are three grandchildren. Can you believe that?" 

Time waits for no one, not even Carol Brady. But certainly, it must've been jarring seeing the Bradys we watched every day in reruns suddenly jump forward a decade in age. Why, they were ten years younger just yesterday! 

Freaky time-jump or not, A Very Brady Christmas has proven to be a holiday gift that keeps on giving each year.